thats right folks, honest chris' gameness promotion is in effect for a limited time only.  make your purchase today!!!

white gold weave kimono w/ patches $100

blue gold weave kimono w/ patches $120


all other gameness items 10% off including

board shorts, vale tudo shorts, rashguards, sweaters, belts, and beanies

you can't link to pictures on your hard drive...

if intersted, email me

board shorts $45

Snap up these deals! Excellent kimono's with a great price!

Also, I think superunknown is willing to give you a free sauna massage if you are a male.

mental midget was'nt always a midget ya know. he used to be 6'1 but got a height reduction to make his 'services' more efficient.............

note that efficient is synonomous w/ less hard on the knees

haha jk


if you are intested in selling gameness merchandice at your school please contact me for wholesale rates.

I'll be posting pics of the rest of the merchandice tonight for all those who are interested.

Where are these GI's being shipped from?

Are you in Canada or the U.S.?

That way people can factor in the postal/exchange rates/duty etc.....


superunknown is from Toronto area. I think he may be at the Joslin tournament competing in the "light in the loafers" division.

Are those prices in Canadian or American funds?

MM: email me -

All prices are in Canadian funds and the gis are being shipped from toronto

also, i do have a return policy in case your not satisfied w/ your purchase

by the way, the bulldog patches on the arms are embroidered