BTT /GAMMA represented at NAGA Chicago.

Fabio Holanda tied for first place in the under 174 pro division. He did not fight for first place because it would have meant fighting his good friend JZ Cavalante from ATT.

Patricio Canales won first place in advanced no-gi and first place in purple belt and over, gi division.

Davis Aguzzi won 1st place in teens advanced gi and no gi divisions. An additional point to mention, David beat a fighter who was identified as the #1 teen in the USA. He was a purple belt from NYC.

Andrew Gainsbury won 3rd place in blue belt gi.

Francois Hache won 3rd place in white belt gi division.

One complaint was how late everything was, and one about a sketchy referee who seemed to want to help one of the fighters he was refereeing instead of just refereeing..

congrats for all the Gamma guys who fought this weekend. and congrats for their achievements.

The team fought simply amazing at this tournament, I'm proud of all of them as they all put on exciting matchs that I won't forget for a long time.

As for me, I beat the #1 teen in the nation by a score of 2-0 (it should of been 10-0 except that referee decided to cheat and let his fighter stay in it). He's a purple belt from Ricardo Alemida/Matt Serra. I talked to him a bit afterwards and he was simply stunned and to think he was the EXPERT division alternate.

Congrats Phil and Team.


Amazing news!!! So happy for everyone (except for Aguzzi, he's won enough and doesn't deserve to anymore).


Congrats to all my friends from GAMMA.





Worth it to mention that, with the obvious exception of Fabio Hollanda, all of these guys are pure Gamma product. Francois, David, and Andrew all were hopeless on the mat when they walked into the club. Patricio, for all that he's trained elsewhere (and with much respect for the club where I think he trained before Gamma), got most of his game at Gamma too.

Not hard to have a skilled grappler join your gym and start winning comps, but Sled Dog's bloody well breeding them over there! Congratulations to Sled Dog , Wagnney Fabiano, Fabio Hollanda and especially Ahmad for the results of great training by great trainers.

Hate the fact that I have to take off again soon :(

Cheers, Joe "Hunting the Champs on Monday for Massive Knee Riding"

ttt for GAMMA

FYI, there was a response to the refereeing issue on the UG. I cut and paste it here. Congrats to GAMMA!!

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Well you are looking for the ref and here he is, and I know exactly what you are referring to. What you are referring to are the supposed 'sweeps' that David should have obtained points for in the match. Now in standard BJJ rules he would have definitely received those points (I think two sweeps so four points) but in NAGA a sweep consists of reversing from a dominant/neutral position into a DOMINANT position which he did not do. Whenever he 'swept' Eddie it was to a neutral position (guard, half guard, etc.) thus no points were awarded. David was awarded two points for the triangle he had and the final score was I believe 2-0.

Now I can understand not completely knowing the rules and such which could cause confusion, but do not come out here and accuse someone of being biased without concrete proof, that is unsportmanlike and childish.

David and Eddie are two talented teens who I would love to see square off again, they had an entertaining match and I think a rematch would be a real crowd pleaser.....Joe

Here is the thread link

Congrats boys.... I should be back in about a month.

Thanks Chris

sometimes we have to make the other fighter tap out to be the winner without doubts. trust in referees is a dangerous task.

leedo is correct

Congrats Aguzzi! Sounds like your sweetest win yet.

damn Derek, I miss you helping me with MT

Congrats to GAMMA!!!

In the gi at NAGA I thought CBJJ rules applied.

Was Aguzzi's match in question no-gi?

Congratulations to all that competed from GAMMA. Hope you are all there this Sat. when we come down.

See you on the Mats!

Team Ronin