Sup homies

for all those who are interested, gamesness w/ be at the GTA Grappling Tourney Sunday Jan 23.  nows you chance to purchase gameness gear at discount prices!

white gi (gold weave) - $100 (reg $120)

blue gi (gold weave) - $120   (reg $150)

rashguard (long sleeve) - $40  (reg $50)

rashguard (short sleeve) - $35 (reg $45)

beanie - $15 (reg $25)

belts - $20 (reg $30

board shorts - $45 (reg $55)

vale tudo shorts - $40 (reg $50)

sweaters - $40 (reg $50)

These prices are fantastic. Everyone should grab stuff for that price. No duty, no wait, no hassles, this is the perfect opportunity for someone to buy needed items for themselves or others in their club.

GREAT IDEA posting the prices that way people can bring the money ahead of time, and they don't have to leave the venue to run to a bank machine.

I need a new belt and $20 bucks is perfect. SUPERUNKNOWN bring a Blue A2 belt and hold onto it for me. I might even convinve myself into a buying another GI.



What colour board shorts you got?

Wiley is 100% correct. Where else can u get gold weave gis for these prices.

Just got off the phone with a friend from the club who is going to be out of town during the tournament. I might be grabbing him a GI.

SUPERUNKNOWN do the prices include Tax or is tax on top of the listed prices? This way I get the proper amount from him.

Looks like a White GI-A3 or A4.


Superunknown's Gameness products rock!

whats up guys

yes all prices include tax. 

the board shorts come in black or grey.

wiley, when you decide to make you purchase talk to me personally or have one of the girls give me a ring.




when are you  in at the gym?  i can show them to you if you want.





I'll be in on Wednesday man! See you then bro!!

I'll be in on Wednesday man! See you then bro!!

Does Gameness make any leisure suits or athletic supporters?

I'm VERY interested to find out.



I will be calling you later to give you the heads up on a few items I need to get when I am the tourney. I'll give you the sizes and items when I call. So far 2 belts (1blue, 1 purple), looks like 2 GI's maybe even 3.


Hey GFB,

are u dropping by my place tonight?



"are u dropping by my place tonight?"

enough with the romo talk...this thread is about the low low prices of Gameness gear.


you fighting this weekend? did ya get my email?

yes and yes. I'm at work and I'll try to get back to you real soon.

sup homies,

kwanzanator, i wont be in the gym wed, sorry man.

mentalmidget, i wont be swinging by your place either.

jiuchick, did you get my email?