Gane says he has a smarter and more technical Derrick Lewis in UFC 265 camp

Who are you picking for Gane vs. Lewis next week in Houston?

So basically he’a going to keep him in the clinch or try to keep him on the ground. Standing and trading with Lewis is crazy so he has few other options.

Literally everyone Lewis has met is a smarter and more technical fighter than him.


Gane can most definitely hang with Lewis on the feet.

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I wasn’t trying to imply he couldn’t. But he has to also know that just one shot from Lewis can end it.

Gane will win, easily.

Lewis is a fatter, shittier , black version of tank Abbott.

Lewis keeps winning fights he should lose on paper.

Like, a lot.


You can’t count Lewis out of any fight unless it is against DC.

Lewis can end anyone’s night. Not technical, but a powerful brawler.