Gane vs. Lewis for the interim title at UFC 265?

It seems UFC heavyweight gold will be on the line in August, and Francis Ngannou will not be involved. What’s your thoughts on the news?

Making the title seem like nothing more than a prop

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What happened here? Francis ask for that Bones Jones money?

If Ngannou is healthy and refusing to fight the #1 contender then he should be stripped not have a fucking retarded interim belt!


I love Francis, but I agree totally. This is a joke. That being said, I hope Gane shoots in and Lewis catches him like he did Blaydes, unfortunately I think this will be a wrestle “fuck” match though… Gane going to take Lewis to the ground and stall and tire him. Hope I am wrong.

Francis’ trainer says more details to the story on why he can’t be ready on Aug 7th.

He was in Nigeria for a good bit. I wonder what happened?

In the UFC’s defense they’ve been wanting to make this fight official for quite sometime. They run a business. They feel like they have to put title fights on most every PPV. If I were Francis I wouldn’t take it personal.


Fight the contender or fuck off.

Lewis deserves the shot. It’s rightfully his.


Didn’t Francis say he would be an active champ? LOL!

Champs don’t get to choose. Strip any champ that turns down a fight. Easy.


Why do you want Gane to lose though? Gane is an interesting style matchup for Ngannou … Ngannou/Lewis is basically a tough man contest sort of fight


Interim titles are so fucking stupid.

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I don’t even give a shit. Lewis signed the fight like a month ago now. If Ngannou wants to demand a Jones fight and wait god knows how long while not fighting the top contender then just strip the belt.

This sport needs to be reined in. How are you in a place where champs who literally just won the belt are refusing to defend it and demanding super fights out of the gate against non-contenders?

Clown show.


So much THIS


SHIT!!! Even more THIS


I wonder if USADA is somehow involved in this decision.


*strip if they refuse to fight a top contender.

When you have a ranking system and your champ refuses the #1 guy then tell him to fuck himself and make a new champ.

Maybe there is more to the story, but sure doesn’t sound like hey tried to move the date or something, Lewis fight been out there forever while Ngannou publically has been crying about Jones and Paul money.

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Wtf is this shit!! Even more shit…I mean this

Imagine that another fucking “champ” who doesn’t want the number one contenders.

Say what you want about Izzy that guy wants the hardest fight.

Frances wont defend 2x… watch.


Usman and Francis…

What do they have in common besides nationality?

Modern Dos Santos wrecked Lewis so Gane shouldn’t have a problem with him. 50-45.

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