Gane vs. Ngannou. Who wins?

Does this man have what it takes to knock off the real HW champ?

I admit I bet Lewis because I didn’t believe that Gane was good. Not only was he good he may have best HW of all time potential. The movement and power for his size was unparalleled. I think he beats Ngsnnou and Jones easily

  • Gane
  • Ngannou

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I had a feeling Gane would match up very well after seeing him vs Volkov, now I’d be willing to lay a decent amount of $$$ on Cyril.

I think Francis is for another wake up call
Gane has rly fast jab, and a movement that would give a problem for any big puncher


Ngannou is much more exciting fighter. Moves better, strikes better (though still has tendency to get sloppy), faster, probably stronger.

Gane is composed, patient, methodical. He reminds me of Jones, who is a master of distance control. A master of “stay-away-and-chip-away” style. They can’t hit you if you are not there. He also has size, power. And due to his pacing and control he also has stamina.

I think Ngannou will try to pace himself like he did with Stipe. But will get frustrated because Gane is better at distance and he will be hitting him. Then he’ll try to explode and go after him spending a lot of energy. Maybe he’ll go an extra round, but most likely Gane will finish him in the second.


Ngannou does not move better.

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Ngannou has a “god complex” like Ike ibeabuchi before him. They think they are above the law and no one can come close to them. Once Gane takes him into the deep water he will fold worse that “origami” Sonnen would ever do.
Francis is mentally a 10 year old nerd with glasses held together with tape.


Let rephrase; Ngannou moves in a more beautiful fashion. I love the leaning angles he always seems to be create when punching.

Gane is more technical. He has a kickboxing background. Ngannou still does wild blitzes just throwing haymakers.

But he has improved a lot. And he has god level KO power.

Interesting fight. If Cyril can avoid the big bomb he beats Ngannou.


Moves in a more beautiful fashion? You’re actually serious

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Gane’s size and athleticism are exceptional.

But motivated Ngannou shouldn’t be underestimated. The improvements he made in his wrestling for the Stipe rematch were fucking impressive.

The question is: now that Ngannou has reached the top and is the champion, will he have that same hunger that he did to claim the title. Because if he’s the least bit complacent and doesn’t have that drive, Gane looks like the right opponent to take the strap off his waist.

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Yes. I like how he positions his feet.

The same with McGregor. Looks always planted to the ground.

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If Lane stays technical there is no way Ngannou beats him. All he has to do is stick with what he does best. Ngannou , like the Beast, will try to pull him off his game.

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Gane by lightning quick jabs. Outside leg kicks, cardio, footwork, defense, speed.

Watch Nganou fold due to his cardio issues. Hes coming in at 265 all muscle. Those muscles need lots of oxygen during the pace that Gane puts in.

Gane will not get touched. He will chop down Nganou and finish him in later rounds like Lewis.


The MMA Factory has built Gane to avenge Francis leaving. It will be interesting to see the outcome.

Not sure but most compelling HW title fight in ages.