In the bar fight scene, Leo Dicaprio takes on the irish guy. He pulls gaurd and goes for the rear naked. Haha made me laugh.

that was sofa king lame and out of place

dicaprio was scoping out the UFC a bit ago(while sniffing coke of course), but rumor has it he has rich franklin in his sights

go leo "the lion" dicaprio!

John Perretti did all the stunt and fight work for that movie. He's also in the opening fight scene.

Stop watching movies on USA>

I love that movie. Daniel Day Lewis stole the show.

lol at

sofa king
we todd it..

Forgive me if im mistaken but in that same movie dosent one of the blokes 'fishhook' the other too? Obviously he got away with it as Big John Mcarthy wasnt present... haha

Gangs of New york was sexy!!! And had some sexy fight scenes!! And he definately could make some sexy match ups nowadays!!!