Gannon Vs. Hinkle should of not

Gannon Vs. Hinke should of NOT been a Swing Fight on UFC 55 ppv...Imo...Jorge Rivera Vs. Dennis Hallman belongs their more than Gannon Vs. Hinkle..

Please ZUFFA, the 5 guaranteed fights on PPV from now on better be legit Top Fighter Vs. Top Fighter and with a mix of Top Fighter Vs. B or C Level Fighter

although the fight was onesided, the name Gannon alone sold tickets. with so much hype surrounding him, people wanted to see how he would fare in the big show.

Yeah, what Tim said. And it's just as well about the Hallman-Riveira fight.


"the 5 guaranteed fights on PPV from now on better be legit fighters"

LOL... or what? You ganna lay the smack down!

The UFC doesn't want top fighters, Pride wants the top fighters.

5 FIGHTS!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fuck that!

$35 per PPV...

5 fights...

= $7 per fight. (about)


Hey guys, can you think of anything else you hate about the UFC? If you think of more, make sure to flood the UG with nonstop hatred toward the organization that brought most of us to this sport. Then complain lots when for some odd reason Zuffa snubs internet webpages.

It has nothing to do with talent. Zuffa's heavyweight division sucks and they will broadcast fights in that weight class above and beyond everything else to try and build it up.

Worst UFC card ever. ZUFFA may be the reason that MMA is finally headed mainstream, but cards like UFC 55 are a step backward. Gannon should never have made the card, and ZUFFA should know better then to associate itself with someone like him.

Gannon sells tickets? to who?

They showed 7 of the 8 fights and since it was over in about a minute, we would have probably seen it anyway.

I thought you were gonna say "Gannon vs. Hinkle should of not.....been stopped".

And that would have been just downright mean.

"who's Van Hinkle?"

He put Gannon to sleep for 20 years.

"Gannon should have fought someone like Mike Bourke. Glass chin and very few skills."

Oh right! He's got a class chin now as WELL! No wonder Kimbo couldn't knock him out... Ah, yeah.

The people on this site suck.

"Gannon sells tickets? to who?"

People in New England i.e. being Gannon is a Boston Cop and the fight was in Conneticut.