Anybody know how Gannon did last night at the Lido against that 325lb monster???


Gannon... the Boston Cop... 6x Golden Gloves champion... the Lido... in Revere Mass... ????


Littlefield won in a standup war.

Gannon knocked the guy out cold! Gannon is one tough Baby Huey. Nice job Sean!

Congrats to Littlefield as well for a great knockout win against a tough opponent in Leigh McNeil. Mike Littlefield is a freakin warrior. Boneyard went 4-0 last night. Congrats to Mike and the boyz for that as well.

i think link beat him by silver arrow shot, saved zelda, etc.

yeah gannon is a freaking warrior.

congrats to the homer simpson of MMA on yet another impressive win.

big props to the boneyard to. mike all your guys looked great out there. I was busy getting wrecked with Rodrigo to watch your fight, but I heard it was a bad ass KO. If I came off as an ass last night, it was because I was wrecked so I hope I didn't piss you off.

congrats to RSD & SSS who combined to go 4-0. you guys kicked some ass in there.

I was really pissed that Ganon wasnt there to fight in Legend of Zelda 2, the adventures of Link, I guess Ganon and the promoter couldnt come to terms so instead Link had to fight his Shadow in an exibition match.