Garcia DAY 1 CNY Seminar

Well day 1 was today. It was no gi. It started with A KILLER WARMUP> THe warmup was intense but everything was functional. I now know why his calves are so big(LOL)

Next we did a lot of standup technique , singles, taking the back, etc. He has a great flair for detail and works with everyone. All the techniques built on eachother. We did about 5 techniques tonight

then we rolled. He is going to roll with everyone. He rolled like with 5 guys tonight. I said Marcello how much time should I put on the clock for each round. He said 10 minutes. The guy I paried Marcello up with smiled. All I say after that was marcello taking the back from so many postions.

Tommorrow is GI, Wed is no gi, Thursday is gi, and friday is no gi

all classes start at 7:00 and only a 25 mat fee is required

we had like 30 guys in there tonight. I have a very big space and can accommodate a lot more. so email me

or call me



damn sounds awesome

Ask him to show you how to pop someones ribs with an armbar ;)

i can't wait to go up there thurs and fri!!


4hr40min drive and me without a car :-(

I can't wait til he comes to zee's school in san francisco. Sounds awesome!

I'd go, but its a long way from Hawaii!!

Yeah stuck in hawaii! Damn!!! Sunny and clean water! Oh and Margarida is here and have had to train with him. Darn. But would love to train With Garcia!!

Points back and laughs harder

The "warmup" had 1/2 of us ready to puke! Last night was a great experience and anyone who has the means should come out. Marcello showed some great standup techniques and taking the back the Garcia way. Tai-Kai is a great school, Ken was a very hospitible host and we leaned alot and got a good roll in afterwards.

Could you describe the warmup? I am morbidly curious...

TTT for Garcia and Tai Kai. I had a great time. Well worth the 2 hour drive.


we had him at our club for a week a few months back and I agree.......KILLER WARMUP. LOL. All of us were soar as hell for a few days.

Garcia is a machine and his matches are truly amazing
to watch.

I'm also curious about these killer warmups, and
whether he went through them with the class or
just "coached" them from the sidelines.

And one more thing: damn you guys are lucky : )

How's his english?

Killer Warm Ups???

i guess i should stop eating Key Lime pies, McD double cheeseburgers, garlic parm wings, spicy chix quesadillas and pizza???