Garcia says Ninja ok to fight

Armando (head of CSAC) says Ninja has been cleared to fight and a final ruling will be made on Baroni Wednesday afternoon.

All right.

double post


Where did he say that!??

Great friggin news if true. Cool about Ninja, but the Shamrock vs Baroni fight is the one I am wanting.


Garcia and Ken Pavia (Vitale manager) via

Though EliteXC signed Falaniko Vitale (Pictures) on short notice to fight Joey Villasenor (Pictures), it appears the Hawaiian will have flown to San Jose, Calif. just to watch some mixed martial arts action.

Both California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer Armando Garcia and Vitale's agent, Ken Pavia, told Tuesday evening that medical questions surrounding Murilo Rua (Pictures) were likely resolved, and that if things progressed down their current track "Ninja" would face Villasenor on the co-promoted Strikeforce/EliteXC card on June 22.

EliteXC announced on June 15 that the Brazilian veteran was off the card after failing a CSAC physical exam. However, "Ninja" was never denied a license and comparisons between this situation and that of Hong-Man Choi, who was pulled off the Los Angeles FEG USA-promoted card on June 2 due to the discovery of a benign tumor on his pituitary gland, were unfair, said Garcia.

Pavia indicated that Vitale would be compensated for his time and trouble and EliteXC agreed to sign the veteran middleweight to a long-term deal.

Regarding a report that surfaced Tuesday on about the status of Phil Baroni (Pictures), who is scheduled to fight Frank Shamrock (Pictures) on the card's main event, Garcia said the middleweight underwent standard MRI tests required of all licensees.

Pavia, who also represents Baroni, said results should be known sometime Wednesday morning and that he believed his client would be cleared to fight.

fuck. honestly.

was looking forward to seeing Niko fight more than Ninja.

Calms down & waits to hear that Baroni was cleared

huh, did shamrock pull out - am i missing something here?

cool thanks Bill... there's just so much shit that flies around these days just a little cred goes a long way

nvm, i saw the baroni post.

if baroni cant make it can we hav niko vs frank instead?

Lay off EvilMaster. Not that he needs my assistance, but lay off.

This is the first redeeming action from the CSAC - you know what? Fuck that.

I was about to commend them for finally doing something right. But then I realized that finally doing something right isn't something to be commended, but rather should be expected.

Something is seriously wrong when a decision that obviously makes sense is actually a surprise.

The CSAC has turned what should be the bare minimum of common sense in decision-making into an unexpectedly precious and appreciated rarity.