Garcia vs Haney Press Conference = I Wild Each It LOL

This makes me appreciate the pressers between Conor and Floyd.

Side note: Mario Lopez was shook during his questions when things got real:


Hopkins maybe telling Garcia to tone it down a bit.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.06.33 PM

How about a timestamp for when it “got real”


Good starting point, then the two dads get into it:

Haney couldn’t bust a grape

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Does Haney explain why he’s wearing the weird Skeletor breastplate?

He never did!

BREAKING: Garcia now accuses Haney of selling weed online:

Haney is tailor made for Garcia, he is going to pick him apart.

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Heart says Garcia doesnt do anything right, and Haney fights by textbook and wont be able to stop Garcias unpredictabilities :laughing:
Brain says Haney will be the bigger guy inside the ring and Garcia will look like amateur


Garcia looked like a coke head on stage. I got anxiety just watching him


I consider Haney a Mexican :taco::burrito:,since half his fights have been in Tijuana.

Haney will Jab and grab the whole fight and cruise to a decision. Expecting Haney to put on an exciting fight is just wishful thinking.

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I enjoy Garcia’s fighting style but holy fuck at how dumb he acts at this press conference.

I would watch it lol if it means they’re naked (no homo)

I didn’t know Garcia was a black dude.

Garcia has a little pea head. It ain’t built to take punishment. Look at the size of Haney’s dome.

Garcia’s dad calling them nappy headed hoes :joy::joy::joy:

I’m not sure if Garcia losing it on social media is part of the marketing or if he’s really that crazy.

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Is he dead since that 666 post