Gary Marino: The Man Who Discovered Kenflo

 In the Dana White video, Dana talks about being forced to go to a show where Kenny Florian was fighting, which after seeing, he signed Kenny to the UFC.  He didn't mention that the guy who dragged him there was Gary Marino, one of MMA's top matchmakers and managers.

Marino was so high on Kenny, he literally dragged Dana to see him fight.  Gary also made Kimbo's first MMA fight, the one with Ray Mercer.  And he managed Jon Jones, getting him into the UFC.

Just a bit of trivia for hardcore fans.  Dana should have mentioned that it was Marino who forced him to the show, but now you know!



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 Another bit of trivia, the show Dana just missed wasn't the first one he missed.  There was a show years ago when he had a bad cold.  He was at the hotel but not the fights. 

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Wasn't Dana actually there to see Drew Fickett but was so impressed by Kenny he asked him if he wanted to go on TUF?

 No, he had to be dragged to the show.   Marino wanted him to see Kenny and also Dennis Kang.  Gary has a great eye for talent, and thought Florian and Kang were UFC material, which they were.

 Both are correct.  Gary had been hanging with Dana for some time before that.  Dana was back to see Fickett fight, Gary was there.  It was either a Combat Zone or Reality Fighting show...I think Combat Zone.  Joe Cav was there too if I remember.

 I believe Gary was the guy that got Salmon into the UFC.