Gassaway: "My strong points should overwhelm him"

Brian Gassaway talks about his upcoming fight with Mike Pyle.

On his fight with Mike Pyle...

"As far as a fighter, I have respect for him. I’ve seen him fight a few times and just looking at his record and the type of people he has fought, I think he’s very well-rounded and he’s a tough guy. He’s definitely a top heap fighter."

"Most people that I fight, they prefer to take me down and I don’t see it being any different with him. I think he’s going to try and take me down, but I’m going to probably try to keep this fight standing. I think that’s where I excel and I fight better. I think he definitely has an edge on the ground so it will be pretty interesting to see who could impose their will."

"I don’t know if there is, per se, any weaknesses in his game, but I think my strong points should be able to overwhelm him. It’s just a matter of taking the fight to him and imposing my will."

"I love to end fights with knockouts and if you look at my record, I really don’t have a lot, but like I said, a lot of people prefer to try and take this fight to the ground so it’s kind of hard to catch somebody like that. I would definitely prefer it to be by knockout, but a win is a win and as long as I fight 100%, then I’m going to come across the winner anyway."

More about the fight and some other stuff in the full interview:

Pyle R1 sub.

Gassaway rnd. 1 KO!

gassaway looked really strong against petz. if he fights the 2nd and third, the way he did the first, he could win.

Immaculata - Gassaway rnd. 1 KO!

LOL. Am I going to see a big "TITAN" patch on Gassaway's shorts?

I haven't seen him look good against grapplers, but admittedly I haven't seen his recent fights.


Good luck gassaway