Gave a seminar last night!

I would guess there were about 40 people, mostly beginners, at the seminar. They were students at the IMB classes who were invited to the BJJ class for a special 2 hour Jiu-jitsu introduction. For most of them it was their first real introduction to BJJ, though there were some who had a bit of experience.

Here was the format I used:

Brief warmup

Demonstrated each of the major positions in BJJ and the benefits and drawbacks of each

Then I taught the following:

the double leg (standing) against the punch

knee on the belly to armlock

them how to mount from knee on the belly

americana from mount

taking the back from the mount with rnc finish

guard defense against punches

kimura from guard

guillotine from guard

kimura to guillotine combination

then we sparred.

I rolled with a few guys and let one of the guys start on my back and get the rnc like we practiced (after tapping him a couple of times). The funny part was hearing the people watching say, "oooh, he got him!"


The funny part was hearing the people watching say, "oooh, he got him!""

Hope you learned your lesson. Pound everyone! Let them learn nothing! Hear the lamentation of the women!

You shouldn't be giving seminars if beginners are catching you. It would NEVER happen to Simco. NEVER.


Now, you are a Seminarian.

i don't think you should be giving seminars if new guys can tap you out.

It will definitely be my last seminar.

i would probably just stop doing bjj all together

That is a definite possibility. :)

Did you feel you got a lot out of the teaching experience, in terms of refocusing you on the some parts of bjj? I've heard you never learn so much as when you teach....


It was all no gi and self-defense/streetfight related, which isnt an area I focus on in my own training, so I dont think yesterday's teaching helped me much. Though I did feel comfortable teaching in front of that many people, which helps a lot.

The gi classes i taught at the academy helped me much more. I realized some things as I was teaching that reminded me of some important concepts I was neglecting in my own training.

Hey folks...I'm new to this and just wanted to say Hi. Does anyone out there have any info about getting MMA legalized in Canada, specifically in Ontario? Any thoughts? Merry Christmas....Andyman44


You actually tricked people into paying to learn from you? Damn you are good, but getting tapped? Man, I'm sure everyone realized they were tricked and asked for their money back. LOL J/K

Have a happy holidays brother.



Write your local representatives telling them how safe MMA is and why you feel it should be legalized. Urge your friends to do the same. You have to start small.

No Big deal man. Keep at it. I no that alot of others have done similar things.

I'd recommend taking a day with a training partner and rehearse what you are going to show. The next time, if you do this, you can then review the details in everything your going to show.

If that was your first seminar, did you feel that you presented good info? That's all that matters. One little thing that went wrong doesn't change that.

I call BS on Simco ever getting tapped. He has books, DVDs, and his own website. I've never heard of anyone with books, DVD's, and his own website getting tapped ANYONE.

you let one of the guys start on you back and get the rnc?

Is this going to go against your fight record?

Louco, I think the material I presented was fine. There wasnt anything about the seminar Id change, I just thought it was funny that some of the people watching didnt realize that I was letting him get my back and choke me. It should have been obvious considering I went to all fours from the start and didnt cover my neck, but most were beginners so I guess they dont know any better.


Sucks, but it does go against my fight record, which is now 0-401.


Now come the excuses why you tapped out? Just bump yourself back down to Blue and take it like a man! LOL