Gay Wrestler

Ok I got this message from a guy on

"I just read about you. Now let me tell/remind you more about myself. I'm 5'-7" tall and weigh 178 lbs. I live in Manchester - England but I travel frequently and especially to the United States, Pakistan, India, Canada, Mexico as well as many other places. I have to stress that I am neither trained nor professional at any combat sport - I simply fight/grapple/wrestle with friends or anyone who challenges or wishes to train/spar with me. Submission wrestling is the style where two guys wrestle to get each other in holds/moves so that their opponent can't escape or cannot take any further pain from the hold that is being applied. Usually the matches/spars are up to an hours duration, the winner being the guy at the end of the duration who has gained the most submissions or tap outs. Well, now that you know what to expect are you interested?, do you accept my challenge?, if so, please get back to me as soon as you can with your age, weight and height, let me know where you are, how many times you've wrestled this style, won and lost, if at all and anything else that you like to let me know."

This guy is queer as hell (not thats there's anything wrong with that) but the fact that he goes around challenging people to matches on the net when clearly his only purpose is to fondle guys really bothers me. Anyone regestered with Hi5 check out his pics and have a good laugh...

Tell him I'm Justin Lawrence? ;)

edited to put little winky thing

where do i sighn :0

Hey J. Tell everyone the real reason you went OS recently. (insert another stupid smiley face here)

Hey Kez, Hows Japan, Im going O/S Nov ither Japan or Philipines, Now that im Divorced hell yeh.

Anyone see South Park last night? It reminds me of the bit where Mr. Garrison's gay lover has the flash back and he is walks by footy practice and says "Hey let's all tackle the queer guy" "Yeah let's get him!"

Saw it, classic episode. Love the piss take on Paris Hilton!!!!

Jacob, why don't ya just tell him you are too busy hanging out with your 40+ year old man-friend traveling to Thailand. That should shake him off your tail.


I said I was Justin Lawrence... He seems to know you pretty intimately :P

note to self....stop grappling with Jaje ;P

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Hey Frank,

I am still here in Thailand in a small rural city called Tak which is on the beautiful Mae Nam Ping river. This is the second day in this city and my forth stop on my solo bicycle trek. Bought a cool Cannondale mountain bike with all the gear about 10 days ago in BKK and headed up north.

I plan on headed up to Thoen tomorrow which will be a massive day due to the mountains, on to Lampang where I will stay at a Dutch friends place for a few days from there on to Chaing Mai where I will stay for a few more days (hopeing to avoid seeing the thai guy a had a fight with there on my last trip) r&r. After a few days back into the mountains to Thaton were I will stay overnight and raft it down the river to Chaing Rai where I will fly back to BKK stay a few days then off to Japan.

About 1100 km and I am having a ball. Challenging but at 20-25kms an hour life is easy to take in and the people have been great. I spent this morning travelling along the river and it was truly wonderful, clean and quite. Aside from the odd grumpy soi dog who wants a bit of your ankle it is safe. The roads have been in great condition with wide shoulders, this surprised me as I thought it would be rougher.

Sorry to hear about your divorce, I hope it all turns out well. Take care and shoot us your e-mail.


"where I will stay at a Dutch friends place for a few days"...??....sounds
like that scene in Apocalypse Now?!! Redux version people. Be careful

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Juggs, the funny thing is he is a bit of a nutter. Spends one month 250 mtrs under water for an oil rig which includes one week decompression in a tiny craft while working 8 hours at that depth with out seeing more then a foot in front of you. Has been doing it 22 years, some one who works under those conditions is not normal.

How is training going by the way? I am in Lampang at the moment which is a really cool little city. Have a few funny stories to tell when we catch up. Say hello to all the guys for me, thanks.

wtf kinda job is that kezz?! ...they'd wanna be paying that dude mint!

Hey Coops. He is not short of a baht that's for sure.

Beware this guy's back mount (and the dreaded 3rd hook). Come to think of it I bet he prefers North South.


LOL @ Justin's 'That should shake him off your tail'.

Funny stuff.

Training's going real well Kezza. Had some great Friday night rolls with
the Magnificent 7,..(all guys around the 70kg mark) as Jaje and I have
called the group. Keepin' this quiet cause we're lovin' it. Sometimes I
catch myself thou looking for ya at the gym. Hope ya well.

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It's fun getting around and seeing new places but man do I miss rolling and sparring.

I even went and checked out a TKD school hear in Lumpang yesterday. I cant believe how popular TKD is now when you consider how much mire effective their own fighting art is.

Rode out to an elephant training school today. It was really cool. You can even stay there in the camp and train with the mahoots (dont know if that is the correct spelling)and learn how to train the suckers. Might do it for a few days on my next time back here.

Carch up with ya soon.