General MMA Training Forum?

would it make sense to create a general "MMA Training" forum under General Forums?

at this point, it seems like the UG is pretty much used to discuss previous and upcoming fights, MMA history, etc..

it's hard to get a good technique or training thread going here, and as more and more non-training people come here, it's not likely to get any better unless a good deal of them start training.

I don't think I'm the only person who feels this way - here's one example.

a place for people to talk MMA technique and training might make sense - after all, we have specific forums for all the arts that go into MMA, and MMA has become an art all it's own.

It should probably be policed better than the UG is, which is somewhat easier, since it would be focused on the technical aspects of the sport.

MMA-related training posts could start on the UG and
then be moved to the MMA Training Forum after a few days of UG posts if relevant, or people could start posts on the MMA Training Forum.

the UG would still be around for people wanting to shoot the shit about the sport in general.

what are the UG's thoughts?

This is a fantastic idea and I have no idea why this website doesn't already have this.


Big training section coming in March.

Kirik - good news!

TTT!!! Fucking TUF newbs...

I think it's a good idea, although I think an unfortunate side effect will be a further dillution of the level of discourse around here (and yes even that's possible). It could lead to fewer discussions and analysis of technique in fights, that new members could actuallly learn a lot from. I think new fans should could benefit from reading this forum even if they can't add much to it, as it can help them( and me included) learn and appreciate MMA more. (which could help better the conversation on the UG, now that I think about it). It may even motivate more people to start training. Heck, I need to get my lazy ass back to training too.

Glad to see it's already in the process of happening.

MITMan2k -

I agree what you are talking about is a concern.

I'm not really talking about an true "old-heads" forum for the pre-TUF MMA guys like some are thinking.

I'm thinking a strictly "technical" one for actually training MMA and preparing for fights, not for analyzing high-level pro fights (except to the extent it helps your MMA training).

I understand TUF n00bs need some edumucation, and I think the hostility to them is a little overblown, but I just saw a GREAT thread by Sean Gannon sink like a stone that had like only 2-3 other contributors to it, one of which was me.

at this point, I've seen all the "Rickson vs. ?????"-level of stupidity threads I ever want to see in my life, I've seen the resident delusional whipping boy of the month go from Robert Ferguson "The Prince of Leglocks" through several weirdos over to Manny "El Loco" Reyes, and I don't really give a shit what Chuck and other UFC fighters are wearing for GQ.

I just want to talk about actually performing MMA and try to learn from the vast multitude of people on here with more experience and skill than I have, but who are hard to coax out in the noise.