Genki Pulling chicks

How well would he do?

I'm thinking he'll bust out with his robotics on the dance floor dressed up in some futuristic outfit telling girls that he's a Martian.

My ex japanese girlfriend told me "he was very good looking and nice body..he is hot"

He was on a dating show in Japan with some J-pop star chick. They were holding hands and stuff.

He's young, talented, buff, semi-famous, and obviously has a good sense of humor.
Chicks hate that kind of guy.

"My ex japanese girlfriend"

Your girlfriend used to be Japanese?

You had a girlfriend!?!

and she used to be japanese?

I used to be japanese. then I hit puberty.

he isnt gay?

"No fighter has trouble pulling chicks" That is not true



I can post the "Stories about Godzilla from IFC" that will pull some chicks for you.

did he really go to smc?

i bet that due had his pick of j-girls. that campus is swarming with them.

My wife (who is Japanese) says he speaks with a lisp.

I want to see the fucking