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This is the letter I am going to send to all the e-mail addresses that have been listed on other threads concerning HB558.

As you can see this is a sort of generic e-mail that could be used by anyone. Feel free to cut and paste. Just sign your own name.

Hello. My name is Matthew Hester and I am a 25 year
old Satcom Engineer for Viasat in Norcross. I am a
member of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) community here
in Georgia. I have read some this that concerns me
greatly. HB 558. This is not acceptable. It is
important to me and many I know that this bill not be
passed. I cannot express (though I am trying) how
important this is to me and to all of us.

I read the bill myself at this site.

Here is a quote from KIRIK of that basically
sums up the community's feelings on this subject.

"TODAY (Friday the 12th) the GEORGIA SENATE may give
control of MMA to the ATHLETIC COMMISSION. SAVE your
sport!! Yesterday, Thursday, the GEORGIA HOUSE of REPS
passed House Bill 558. If the GEORGIA SENATE passes it
today we're all screwed, just like Florida was screwed
by their law.


The Athletic Commission - headed by greedy Tom Mishou
- is planning to charge $1000.00 per year to
promotions, plus $250.00 PER BOUT, plus $3.00 PER
TICKET!! This is outrageous.
Let's keep this straight to the point. The same
forces who tried to screw up MMA sanctioning in
Georgia last year are at it again, ONLY THIS TIME IT"S
Last year, along with the ISKA, they tried to mess
things up with legislation that would have brought
criminal elements into MMA and left the door open for
unwanted scrutiny.
BOXING in Georgia. Now the absolute worst has
happened. The ATHLETIC COMMISSION is trying to take
over MMA in their own name - not the ISKA's name.
However, this is the same group of people who backed
the ISKA power grab last year!
Oh BTW, there is also a little note which allows
specifically for CONVICTED FELONS to be able to
promote fights. Who does that sound like?? I'll give
you three guesses and the first two don't count: Lane

These are serious issues that must be addressed as
soon as possible, and I regret not having heard of
this sooner.

Matthew Hester

help the mma community.


Dear lawmakers........
Please don't allow the house Bill HB558 to pass! We have come so far & this bill would jeopardize the safety record we are so proud of.
Have any of you ever been to an MMA event?? Have you taken the time to learn about the many skills involved?? The many dedicated hours of training by these athletes?? And I might add, for very little money, so a certain amount of love for the sport would fit here. These athletes do not compete in this sport to harm their opponent, but to win with the many skills they have perfected!
Do you realize there have been NO deaths in any sanctioned event? Do you realize how many deaths are attributed to Boxing?? Over 800 deaths in boxing since first being recorded! Wonder why I know stats on this?
Because my son has been involved for 4 years in this sport! I became a fan when I started looking for facts to discourage him, but I couldn't find bad things about this sport! I never knew what real HEART looked like, till I watched this sport. This sport, that for the most part is judged by outside people who don't take the time to discover the truth about it, is so exciting & highly skilled!
High School football has had deaths, & many many serious injuries, is it banned?? No. Baseball, how many young people have died from being struck in the chest? Is it banned?? No. Schools encourage kids to sign up every year. Knowing what I do now, I would rather kids become involved in MMA. Did you know 56,000 cheerleaders have been seriously injured? Over 110,000 people are seriously hurt on ATV's. Over 300 a year die! Banned? Nope.
Yet none in this sport......... please, tell me why MMA is considered so dangerous? Why when states hear the word MMA or Ultimate fighting & think of stopping events? I just don't understand!
I have no fear when my son has walked into the cage, none!!! Because I knew the preparation he has taken to be qualified to even be in there. But boxing?? Don't forget, I know the statistics. Big gloves, more weight used against a head. Ultimate fighters know when to stop, on their own, they tap, or when  a ref sees no defending, they step in! LOL, but you seem to think Boxing is safer than MMA??
Sheesh, I wish I could take you to an event, explain the technical moves being attempted, & the countering against those moves by the opponent! How a martial art, combined with wrestling, then boxing (with way smaller gloves) are used like a chess game of skill & true sportsmanship, like none you've ever seen before! 
I sincerely hope someday, someone will recognize these athletes for what they are, highly skilled & worthy to be called Warriors of a great sport...... Maybe..... someday,  you will too.
     Toni Jackson,
mom of a fighter & very proud of it.


"I have read some this that concerns me greatly"

you need to fix that part if you cut and paste it

The best way to help out our situation is to e-mail your senitor and tell them to change their vote. I already did and I know that my team is in the process of doing it themselves.
We need the help from everyone. Tonja

Wow, thanks to the sisters of MMA!


I emailed a letter to one of the GA senator's, forgot to copy it,need to do it again and send to all of the senators and representatives.




"I have read some this that concerns me greatly"

you need to fix that part if you cut and paste it.


I was drunk last night, so I  didn't see my typo till now.

Already sent all the e-mails like that.

Hope they don't think I am an illiterate tard.


ttt did my part hope it helps


thanks for all your help royce.


Here is the info for Cathy Cox (D), Secretary of State. She
appointed greedy Tom Mishou:

Phone: (404) 656-2881 Fax: (404) 656-0513

Please be respectful. She is very influential. In fact, if she
comes to see this issue clearly it'll probably be resolved
rather quickly in our favor.

Phone: (404) 656-2881 Fax: (404) 656-0513