Gerald Strebendt

Checked out his record on Sherdog and saw that his last three fights have been Jean Silva, Sean Sherk and Shaolin (all losses). Those are tough, tough fights.

He choked Jean Silva out in an earlier fight. He took Sherk on short notice. And Shaolin's Shaolin.

Strebent is an animal.

It's a gamble guys. At the time I fought Sherk he was universally considered number 2 as a welterweight and Shaolin is considered number 1 2 or 3 by almost every ranking. Either one of those fights could have made me but expierence and skill was on the other side:) If I could have landed a big cut on one of those guys I could be fighting for 10,000 dollars or more right now but even though I lost I made enough to take care of my girlfriend and our bills. It's a hard buisness but its all what you make of it. Some guy choked out Ludwig in less than a minute and he has never made any money or done anything since(Thats why I can't remember his name) but then there are guys who play their cards right and make good money from the wins they have from fights where the odds were against them. Herring/Kerr Randleman/Crocop.

Before Silva was fucking Josh Thompson. Can't say he don't step up. Try getting on the mat with him and walking off with both feet attached.

Gerald is a great guy and deserves all the best

Props to Strebendt, who embodies coach Eddie Bravo's "anytime, anywhere" philosophy.

Gerald, I saw a picture of you posing as Dr. Evil. What's up with that?

Gerald gained a new fan in me when he stepped up and fought Sherk
on short notice.

He was all class before and after.

Strebendt (right) and forum member Steve W:

strebby is cool.

TTT for him.

I'd like to see a fight between Strebby and Fabio Holanda... would be a good match.


Anyone who was Marine Sniper is bad ass regardless of his MMA skills, everything I have read about Mr. Strebendt has depicted him as warrior. Records do not always reflect the true caliber of a fighter, keep up the good work. OohRah. Semper Fi

eddie, email me those photos and ill post em

Its great getting feedback from you guys. The Dr. Evil picture was in protest to everyone else at weigh ins that day. They were all flexing their muscles and making kill faces as they were weighing in. We weren't fighting until the next day so as far as I was concerned there was nothing to get swelled up about so I did a quick "Dr. Evil" and everyone asked me to hold it so they could get a picture. It would have been a lot funnier if I hadn't been subbed in the first minute of the first round!!! In other news, yesterday I was bucking hay on my families ranch and one of the old ranchers was talking about his arm wrestling glory days so I put him on the spot to armwrestle and he started trying to talk his way out of it but I had him cornered so we cleared off the corner of the flatbed and he beat me easily. He is no shit 65 years old and I couldn't budge him!


I had the honor of ref'n your fight with Sherk. It takes balls to fight period. It takes huge balls to fight someone like Sherk. It's fighters like you who make the art of "warriorship" what it should be! Only taking fights you know you can win is for paper champions. Training with the likes of Sherk can only make you better. Fighting with the likes of a "Sherk" can only make you infinately better. Like in "Jerimia Jones" the old timer tells Jones that a particular tribe judged their strength by the strength of their enimies.

You sir, are one strong muther #$@$%!




Gerald is the man.

Gerald is one of the nicest peeps you could ever meet.

-Fred Hammer-