Germaine de Randamie, were to train in US?

Oof, I meant "where" in the title.

 So womens Muay Thai standout out and MMA newcomer Germaine de Randamie (45-0-0 Muay Thai, 0-1 MMA) emailed me saying that she and her team wish to come to the US to train at a top gym for a few months and wants to know some good places.  She is currently in Holland.

Now, her one MMA fight she lost to Vanessa Porto to an armbar so she's intent on improving her ground game for sure.

So what say you UG?  Gym owners?  Women fighters?  I honestly don't know the best places but I figured maybe Wandy's new gym in Vegas or Xtreme Couture's, I also gave her a rundown on Miletage and Gurgels out east and Team Quest and AKA here in the west.

I'm really no expert though.

Her sponsors are going to pay for her move and training so that's in the bag.

If anyone would like to bring her onboard for awhile or has some good suggestions hit me up so I can pass the info along to her team.

p.s.  I'm trying to ger her to get an account here as well.



ATT. They have more blackbelts than you can count and Darrel Gholar for wrestling

Plus they have connections to a few dutch gyms. Manhoef trains with them

Where is ATT located?

 Her team mentioned ATT as a possibility, sounds good, Florida would be fun.

 ATT has female BJJ black belts and pro fighters too.



Email me if you need account - Kirik@MMA.,tv

 Email sent Kirik.

I gave you Randamie's email, just send the info to her and any info about ATT or other gyms you think would be good.

Thanks for being so helpful Kirik.  :)