Get Ready for TUF5 w/Coach blogs

"Each Thursday night immediately after Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter 5 episode has finished airing, coach Jens Pulver provides InsideFighting readers with his reaction to the episode. Check out the first 5 reaction blogs below and then head back to IF for a new blog entry after watching TUF5 at 10pmET tonight on Spike TV. "


Excerpt from Week five's blog:

"With picking Emerson it was basically about thinking “lets get him now not give him a week to get prepared because he didn’t know he was coming back before. Let’s take advantage of that, shut that down right now.” We knew he was strong but we knew Corey’s work ethic so we were not worried. Everyone else already had their match ups and Corey needed an opponent now so there was no point to messing up the order"



Thanks Ramy

Excerpt from week 4:

"Here’s the thing with Weems. They say and he said and is still saying that he trained with Team Miletich. No he didn’t. He called us up about two months before the show and said he wanted to come down and train with us."


I live or die by the words of Jens Pulver.

That's a bit much but the new blog will be up very shortly!

This week's blog is now up!