Getting a sticker with a shirt

Is getting a sticker with a shirt that much greater?

Just wondering


it gives me a sticker that i didnt have. id rather have a patch tho

if 2 different vendors were selling the same shirt at the same price but 1 gave a cool sticker id go with him.

My SIX duece sticker is the damn BOMB.

MMA stickers rock!

"My SIX duece sticker is the damn BOMB."


I like stickers with product.

Don't get me wrong, free stuff is always cool. But I just don't see having any use for an MMA sticker. I can't really think where I would put one since I'm an adult now and don't have a school locker, book cover, or folder on which I can stick it to show all my friends how cool I am.


the only bonus for getting a sticker is providing more marketing for the people you bought the shirt from. I guess that's cool because you want to portray an image for buying a branded item anyway. I think you should charge them for advertising.

I have a big trash can looking tub that i keep in my bar and use for beer when I have friends over for the fights.  All my stickers go on that

it's a great for them to promote themselves as well as possibly getting more free publicity.

- Card

the only bonus for getting a sticker is providing more marketing for the people you bought the shirt from.

TTT fo Six Deuce...

Seems like getting one of their shirts is greater than getting one of anyone else's anyways, the stickers are just gravy...

Craig ... more Muay THai stuff!!!!!!!!!

Where do you get your stickers printed?

I guess we will give out stickers with purchase lol

Well....I'm not sure what you mean by asking if it's "that much greater". I just do it for the hell of it. You can put it on your car, on your locker, or throw it in the trash can.

The only other apparel that I purchased online before MMA shirts was skateboarding shirts. They always toss a few stickers in with your order, and I'd slap them on the bottom of my board. Same thing.

FCFBlazer, are you being sarcastic? You were expecting more freebies?

If it's a cool sticker, yeah.

Stickers are excellent...You really should wallpaper your car with fight-stickers....It really cuts down on people road-raging on you because a tapout sticker can fill a grown man with ABSOLUTE TERROR