Getting Choked Out For Fun: Video

I know it's not BJJ; but just shows the ignorance of kids.

Oh my god!!! I remember doing that same thing in 4th grade
LOLOL....we did it a little different though, we didn't push on
the neck. The person would bend over and breathe in and
out real fast for like a minute, stand up and hold their breath
while someone pushed against their chest. I did it on recess
and the bell rang to go back inside while I was out. I woke up
to people slapping me in the face to wake me ARE

yep, been there, done that.

What BadBoy4Life said.

stupid kids...

We used to do that shit when I was a kid... until the one time when my step-brother kept slipping in and out of consciousness for a couple hours. Like true dumb-asses we didn't tell our parents (hiding it from them all the while)... he eventually fell asleep and woke up the next morning fine. I think that was the last time we attempted that stunt.

We called them "Air-Trips"

LOL! "Holy shit, dude. Your brain cramped out!"

lol ahh the good ole days

lol man, i didn´t even know about that shit until i started BJJ, but a friend of mine said he used to do it all the t ime, and one time he was taking a shit and was bored so he did it, and passed out, but hit something (i think it was like a glass table or smt) and smashed it, prompting his dad to come in and see what was going on, which lead to him seeing his sond with his pants down lying unconscious on the floor :) He had some really funny and lame excuse for it (didn´t tell the truth) but i forget what it was.