Getting closer....

I finally finished watching the whole of the SBG's Street Boxing Series. I really have to hand it to them. They were a phenomenal work and I'm very eager to work on more of the material presented as the opportunities present themselves.

I know Rodney sometimes visits this forum and was hoping he or someone else might be able to answer some inquiries I had.
1) On tape 2, the striking tape, I loved the defenses for the kicks that were presented. I've begun to implement the crash in sparring and I'm enjoying the results. Several of my training partners are starting to pick up on my habits and regularly use a lead stomp kick, or teep to keep me out of range. Can I crash against it with an upraised knee? Is there another option to get past it to work my strikes?
2) On the entry that was presented in the clinch; when I slap the jab down slightly and insert my lead hand alongside his forearm to enter, I get hit with a cross on the crown of my head when I enter. Am I entering correctly, or is the impact 'ok'? I realize if I do this on the street, the impact is likely going to hurt my opponent more than it is me, but a splitting headache is likely to be the fruits of this effort.

On a personal note to Matt Thornton; Matt, thanks for being patient with my(FoxHound) many questions on the forums. You must be sick with how I've picked your brain with all of the striking material! I appreciate the honesty with which you answer. If you ever give a seminar here in Northern or Southern California, I'd love to attend.


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