Getting past a FAST side kick

There is a new guy at my school and he's a really good kicker... he nailed me in the solar plexis and I just about doubled over... I can hit him easily, kick him most of the time (I'm not a great kicker, prefer punching), but if I want to get to him I always have to jam his sidekick.

Does anyone have any other strategies I can use? His kicks are pretty fast. I love to use the straight blast (boxing blast, blitz, running and punching, whatever you want to call it) but he can sidekick me almost everytime. I can nail anyone else in the class with it, except him.

if he's catching you coming in, try to bait him into throwing it. Feint him, make him commit,brush the kick aside then do what you like to do.

Maybe someone like lkmfdc(I think thats his name) could give some input.

"try to bait him into throwing it"

I knew I forgot something... I was trying that and he seemed to know I wasn't really going to go in at him. He's got ninja powers or something with that sidekick.

He fights right side forward. Anybody have any idea about which angles I might be able to go at him from?

Problem is his weapon is TAILOR MADE to mess with your style. You will have to work on alternate methods of approach for him, mainly using some lateral movement as you press. This is very hard to learn, as lots of guys can go forward or sideways, but few can do both in the same step.

But before you learn how to move laterally and attack at the same time, do you ever use the footjab/front kick? This has the same range as a side kick and generally is quicker off the floor. I would really commit to improving my foot jab and follow immediately with punches.

Bryan72 and stlnl have both caught the correct!

Feinting to get him to commit prematurely is an excellent ploy. Be careful when "brushing the kick aside". If you're not careful and don't keep your guard up, the extended leg can be rolled over into another kick, such as a hook kick. Even though throwing a hook kick from this position will not be near as powerful as a properly executed kick, it can still pack a wallop and leave you reeling!

Lateral movement is the key. If you keep moving side to side and circling your opponent, you will hopefully not give him the chance to line this kick up. Standing in place or moving backwards only plays into his ability to throw this kick.

Khun Kao

"you ever use the footjab/front kick?"

Yes. It works well, I'm just trying to figure out other ways of attack in addition. When I press him he panicks and I can hit him almost at will. It's just getting past that sidekick when moving in that's the only problem.

"Standing in place or moving backwards only plays into his ability to throw this kick."

I will stand still to bait him in and he's not a threat. It's just when I move in. I can use the front kick jab and jam his kick. I'm just looking for some other ways to go in at him, so I'm not doing the same thing.
Thanks for your advice/help. I appreciate it. Please post more if you think of anything.

I fight in that same exact style,(right side forward) here is my advise for you.

Watch for how he shifts his feet, most of the time the weight is on the back foot, attack when the weight is shifted to the front. That is also when you foot sweep, if you try to foot sweep when the weight is on the back foot, the front foot can be easily be launched into a hook kick to the head.

I'm surprised you can punch him, he is not using his distance properly. As for brushing the kick aside, if he is good, watch for that leg coming back as a hook kick.

I also like to intentionally miss with a hook kick, bring my foot back into chamber position then blast into the guy as he rushes in.

Also, this guy should be adding hook punches to his arsenal.


"I'm surprised you can punch him"

*** I can kick his ass once I get past the sidekick.

"Also, this guy should be adding hook punches to his arsenal"

*** NO!!! DON'T HELP HIM!!! LOL. He's only been there for a few months so he's still learning (but I've just come back from a few years off.) He's a great kicker and he kicks HARD. He doesn't punch much which is easier for me. :-)

Well watching someones feet for wieght shifting takes too much time. I can blast side kicks to because that is what I was taught 20 years ago. You have to just work with it keep your hands up. It's a tough technique I find modern fighters not being good at defending because even some of the mdoern TKD schools do not teach it. The same goes for front leg turning kicks. Alot of people are not prepared for them. Work on getting in am jamming the kick and the rest takes care of itself. Good Luck.

Jamming the sidekick will work now because this fighter is inexperienced and it seems the sidekick may be his only weapon. When this new guy learns how to disguise his kicks,(ie fake the sidekick and then hook kick or roundhouse) jamming will become more difficult. Also it sounds like this guy doesn't use his hands, when he develops his punching it makes the jamming harder, so don't get caught with your hands down.

As for the weight shifting, at this moment, he is a counter fighter, so he is always shifting his stance to match yours. Move around more and watch how he shifts, you will be able to catch him flatfooted. Watch out for when he learns to attack from his stance, he will take a sidestep and launch a sidekick into you as you are moving.

BTW, although it may be frustrating, it is good to fight someone like this, it only helps you improve your game.

You can shin-block his sidekick with your lead leg and when you put your foot back on the floor, put it as close to him as you can and step in with a jab/cross.
(you throw the jab/cross at the same moment you foot touches the floor)

I usually brush most midlevel kicks including sidekicks but if i have trouble doing that on someone, the above tactic has worked for me.

Any other ideas to get past it other than blocking with my legs? I do that now, but I want some other alternatives to get in at him.

Actually, against most intercepting-kick guys like this, I try to non-telegraph a jab to get in, then unload with punches.

I have had similar problems in the past, though. I must admit.


At the risk of sounding sarchastic......

If he is easy for you to hit, then hit him hard every time he throughs the side kick - if you consistantly make him pay, he'll throw it less, hesitate more, etc.

I'm not suggesting you don't work a good reactive defense, but it makes sence to leverage the advantages you already have.

When I was competing I often found that GREAT kickers didn't kick nearly as well in the middle of a beating as they did when I let them stand outside and kick at me :)



It has been over 2 weeks since your original post, any luck with getting by that leg yet???


I took a week off (it was just too hot to train) and I haven't seen him this week. I did fight yesterday and I sucked!!! actually the guy I was sparring sucked too. We couldn't land anything, didn't pull our punches back fast... it was awful... damn heat.

Well keep at it it takes a while.

While you are whining about the heat he is training to kick faster and harder, you will never get past that foot with your attitude ..... just kidding.

Keep us informed.

The heat index was over 100 degrees here and I work outside during the day a lot.

Besides I can kick his ass, just looking for other ways past the leg. :-)