GFC signs Jeff Monsen!

Jeff Monson has been added to the GFC card. He will be replacing Mario Sperry. Ze Mario sustained a hand injury preventing him from participating in the show.

Thank you Bodog for helping us out!!!!!!!!!

Where isn't Monson fighting?


^ Smack girl as far as I know...But there is an offer.

LOL at EvilMaster, the funny thing is it just might, it just might.  He does look pretty sexy with a wig. HAHAHAHA



ttt for monson in drag competing in smackgirl!

Monson will stay as active as he was before to build up a big streak again.


What else can he really do? Compete PRO grappling all the time again? Not nearly as much money in that.


He will take out sims, and give a good fight to fedor, win or lose.


WIN OR LOSE he will be ranked highly in the heavyweight ranks after these 2 fights.


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Monson is going to KILL Horse Teeth Sims! Unless Sims knocks him out with his chin.


"He does look pretty sexy with a wig"

Carlao thanks that was not a visual image I needed

Carlao, that comment worries me.