Gi bag revommendations

I have a big ass Hyperfly bag. It’s by far the best bag I’ve ever had. The wife is looking for a bag. SHE DOESNT WANT BLACK!!! She wants white.

The Tatami dry tech looks pretty nice but when I go their page it’s not available. I CAN get it through Fruugo. I’m assuming it ships from China. They have horrible reviews etc. So I don’t wanna go through them.

Do you guys have any suggestions on a white gi bag similar to the tatami dry tech or the hyperfly?

Dont get her a white gi bag. That is unless she enjoys doing laundry. She will be washing that thing after every class. Get her any other color besides white.

I know this and you know this. I told her this. She wants a white bag. I ended up getting that white Tatami Drytech. Ordered it through BJJ Fighter. She gonna learn or it’s gonna be fine

Does this bag have a full length zipper? I can’t tell from the web site. It is annoying having to rummage to the bottom from the top.

Good point. I don’t think so tho

It’s not bjj specific but I caught this one on sale and I really like it.
Cobra Grips Bag
Edit: I thought they had more colors.

I told the bellman to handle my bag. He felt up my wife! No respect

I have the hemp Datsusara bag, ive had it for years and its still in mint condition, its a tank.

I just ordered this bag and I am excited!

Still waiting for the Origin Main Dragon Bag to get back in stock…

Where do you store your gun?

I went with the tatami drytech, white. It’s a cool bag. Very basic. I think it’s a fine bag for her but I’ll never get one for me for daily use. It’s basically a tube. So if you have something sitting on the bottom it’s kind of a bitch to rummage around.

I have that super large Hyperfly gear bag. Duffel style with a zipper on top. It’s the best bag I’ve ever had. The last thing I feel like doing at the end of practice is folding a wet ass gi and trying to fit it into a gear bag that ‘just’ fits it. I just wanna was it up, chuck itnin the bag, and take off.

I have now gotten this bag and it is very good. It is a bit big, so I would get the smaller one next time. I may get that one as well, actually.

I went with a basic mesh backpack.
Best thing for holding a sweaty wet gi and rashguard at the end of the night.

Get her a white bag, but accidentally drop your red underwear into her wash one day