How would mma be different if fighters wore the gi? Using all the unified rules, would the current UFC champs still be on top? Could Damien Maia beat GSP if they were both wearing a Gi? Phone Post 3.0

I would like to watch it. The game would be quite different, probably more realisitic. I mean the chance of fighing a guy with a jacket, shirt & pants is much higher than being attacked by a guy in a speedo.

The Gi would sure give the elite BJJ players and advantage by providing handles to slow down the explosiveness of their opponent, and make tying up their hands to avoid GNP easier. Phone Post 3.0

I have fought MMA several times in a GI. It sucked in some respects, hot for one. But did have some benefits cause you could GI choke & such at the time. Ya I fought some old school rules....

Gi chokes FTW.

I did ten minute rounds in a GI it did suck the energy outta me

Does anyone think the heavier weight classes would all have different champions? Phone Post 3.0

DanTheWolfman - They did it in Japan for awhile with no sleeve Gi's, trying to look Anime/Dragon Ball Z like.

I also fought twice in Kudo World Championships, a sort of MMA/Karate/Street hybrid in short sleeve Karate Gi's
Daido Juku FTW! Phone Post 3.0