Gi/NoGi Im torn

So I told the wife she should try BJJ because I had a gut feeling she’d like it ( did basic Crossift and had no quit in her thin frame when I pushed her under the weights. )
I have years of MMA experience but not a BJJ rank under me. She convinced me to sign up with her.
So now it’s been a couple of weeks and she’s loving it. She’s determined that she writes after class and when her mind has a minute to wander it’s BJJ.

A man can never ask for more. Except that thought after 2 weeks is I don’t need a Gi to be a black belt of jiu jitsu.

I think it’s more reasonable to spend money to become a 10th Planet BB to a BJJ BB (gi) because 25% of becoming a BJJ BB is the gi

Do I tell her? Or suck it up in gi to make her happy, and eventually earning belt colours… even though I don’t think it’s worth the money when I can be ath 10th


As someone who has trained at 10th Planet and several YesGi gyms I say I prefer the gi. More grips, more levers, more fun overall. Unless you have insane flexibility and are comfortable putting your knees at risk, there’s just a lot of stuff in Eddie’s game that are not terribly accessible to most folks.


Why are you against the Gi? They’re pretty cheap (Elite on Amazon) and last forever.

How does she look in spats?

Im not sure Gi is better for the body, but I agree on technique

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No gi

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No Gi.

Gis are gross, people are more likely to not wash them than shorts and a rashguard.

I think No Gi is more realistic unless you are planning on street fighting dudes wearing suits at weddings and other formal events.


This is such an odd troll angle.

You’re about 10 years too late…

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I would suggest to just buy the belts on Amazon and do neither


I agree. After 27 years of pretty much just training gi, Ive really taken a liking to no gi. I love the body lock/ leg lock game and I find it significantly easier on my body. Plus its more motion based so the workout is different/calorie burn. When I train in the gi I feel like I got hit by a bus after. So I do both but am heavily weighing it to no gi these days (I still teach a lot in the gi and train at least 1 day a week in the gi)

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Real training for what? Getting in fights at the bathhouse?


That’s not the experience I have had at all. In fact, I have been able to train as much as I want without the gi. My body does not like getting pulled from unnatural levers at all. If I never had to put the Gi on again, my body would be a happy camper.


What about someone wearing a sweatshirt? You can even choke people with their own T-shirt on the defensive end if you were wearing a sweatshirt, at least you’re sort of used to people gripping you and pulling on your collar…go look at hockey fights

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I’m legit torn. This is not to start a gi vs no gi war.

I actually feel like I know nothing in a gi. A lot of the no gi moves I’ve been trying don’t work because I’m not looking out for collar, sleeve, pant grabs.

A good point was made with 10th planet I won’t have the flexibility for 25% of the moves. And in gi, 25% of the subs are based on using a gi. I just think using a gi submission is kinda “cheating” and is also not going applicable in a real life scenarios.

I think so far I’m leaning to stay in class. It makes her happy we are doing a couples thing… well makes me happy too. But fck is it humbling to roll ina gi vs without.

Being humbled is a cornerstone of being a martial artist. Have fun with your wife and learn. You will have fun.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the gi. Learning how to deal with all the weapons (and conversely the defences) is an important part of obtaining the rank. When you take that pretty sizable aspect away, it’s just a different thing that doesn’t involve rank.

If you want to do only nogi that is fine, but it’s an important distinction. Rank is not necessary. If anything, it’s just simpler/easier. It’s like being a stud wrestler and not having to disclose it . That said, I think your average BJJ guy will view 10th planet ranks just the same. It’ll be looked as silly by some. Like how some places need to add arm band ranks to Muay Thai.


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