Gi Patches/ Blanks??

Just wondering what is every one's favorite material for Gi patches and do printers just buy blank Canvas??

If anyone can help they will definetly get a free patch!

We were going to go with PVC patches but then I realized they make you stick to the mat. Not exactly what you want on the back of your gi during a match.


Yeah, just like the stickers on my car. THey have to be worth at least +5% horsepower


Maybe let me talk to the fabric store first lol

Where do people buy team patches? I was looking for a Team Balance gi patch & can't find them. Is there a place that can make patches for you if you give them a picture?

the last time i had them done i went to a fabric bonanza and bought a sheet of material,just pick something that feels sturdy enough yet not too heavy to sew on easily...i've seen gi patches that were so thick it was hard to get someone who could sew it for the ink,i used the same screening process i used for shirts and sweats, the ink isn't too sticky and it doesnt crack on most for the cutting,i had to cut up the material into 200+ pieces myself and bring them to the printer...that part sucked,but if you measure it out and figure out how many folds to make and such,you can get it done pretty fast...or do what i did..get your girlfriend to do it... :)

ttt for slave gf labor!