Gi Patches - Doesn't Make $$ sense

I have been training BJJ for a long time. On and off since 1995.

I recently purchased some new gi's, and began the process of "tricking" them out with the coolest patches I can find.

Than it doned on me: This is financially foolish.

It is litterally dubling the price of the gi to purchase all of the patches and than pay for a tailor to attach them.

Fron now on, I am going to be running all of my gi's "stock" as shipped from the factory. They look cool enough as is, IMHO.

Also, I don't know what it is but I am starting to appreciate the look of "stock" or "plain" gi's more. I don't like the look of a bunch of patches.

Has anyone else joined my noble cause?

ttt for the race car driver gi

patches advertising shit are fucking gay unless someone is paying you to wear them. i prefer as few as possible. wear a team one if you are required.

I have a school patch on mine and a SBGi patch on the back of one Gi. Paying extra for a big patch from the Gi company is in my opinion... gay.

I don't wear patches on my uniform . . . just one on my eye . . .

what's wrong with being gay?

^thats the real question

"what's wrong with being gay?"

"being gay"

Actually, the man on man anal sex is what bothers me.

I have begun wearing patches that have nothing to do with bjj, tap out or tough guys...I don't think my patch guys realize I'm mocking them....yet.

Now I'm seriously considering sewing suede patches on the elbows.

Suede elbow patche would rule. Bette yet, why not just wear a twed coat instead of a gi? "English Country Gentleman Ryu-Do"

cool patches for fun i like. just the brand name labels annoy me.

The suade elbow patch really is an awesome idea. Who gonna get a patch of a pocket protector to complete the package. All poindexter style.

i actually have bits of old cloth that i use to cover up the holes on my pants and jacket. it looks like im from the favela, and our instructor has threatened to ban me from training if i keep wearing it, but its a comfortable gi


"what's wrong with being gay?"

It's ok buddy. It's only gay if you push back.

I thought it was only gay if you made eye contact. that's why I always
keep my eyes closed.

" The suade elbow patch really is an awesome idea"

Already did that. Wore it to a comp and no-one noticed.

"Already did that. Wore it to a comp and no-one noticed. "

But were you carryign a pipe?

Oh and just an FYI: Not agreeing with homosexuality is not a phobia.

A guy I trained with had a patch of Patrick (the sea star from from SpongeBob) on his gi.

Way cooler than some pitbull patch