Hi Guys,

We have a bunch of shiny new gis we are selling at a discount. They are mainly blue gis. We don't have blue gis on the mat here at Dominance anymore so they ain't much good to us.

So you guys get some great gis cheap as hell.

All gis are Machado (M Kimonos) goldweave. Tough build, one peice jackets, double fronted pants, great fit, comfortable (waaaaay better then Koral and Atama imho), and durable as anything out there.

This is what we got in blue:

A2 * 3,
A3 * 2,
A4 * 3,
A5 * 2

A5 is for folk the same height as A4 but wider ;-)

I do have very limited stock in white:

A3 * 3,
A4 * 1,
A5 * 2

We are blowing the gis out at $140 a piece regardless of color, and we will drop the price for clubs or individuals making a bulk purchase.

To get your hands on one (or more) just shoot an email through or call Dominance on:
0408 383 502

See you on the mat,


Just a quick note.

A couple of the A3 gis have already gone so get your ass into gear if you want one.

Also there are one or two Atama and KF's in the mix from my double checking yesterday.


Cam, I only have blue gis, am I supposed to get white ones now?

the rev


People currently wearing blue gis will not be asked to give them up. We know how attached people can get to their particular gis. Something sentimental in the stink probably...

Anyway guys, the gis are moving out, so get onto us.

Also for yall interstaters, we are covering the postage costs, just because we are nice like that.

See you on the mat,



Whats with the no blue policy? mark the mats?


Its not a policy for the mats, they decided not to sell them anymore is all.

the rev

"We don't have blue gis on the mat here at Dominance anymore" - Sounds like a policy to me. I would just have to train naked! I love my blue Atama :(

Not many gi's left guys, so if you're interested in getting a gi cheap, email us at