Gi size

Alright so at the moment I'm rocking a A2 sized gi. I've been looking around trying to find a new gi since mine is, eh, not so great. A2 just seems a little too small, but i'm afraid if I go to A3 then it'll be too big and won't shrink enough to fit. So I found this gi sizing chart for fuji gi's and it says A1 - 100 - 140 lbs. 5'2 - 5'5.
A2 - 140 - 170 lbs. 5'5 - 5'9.

I'm around 5'6 - 5'7, normally around 126 - 130 lbs, but I compete around 119 lbs. Anybody that size or know anybody that size and know which size I should go with? I don't want to order a gi and be fucked cause it doesn't fit since I really don't have that much money to be throwing around on new gi's haha. Appreciate the help in advance.

I'm 5'11" 155-160ish and have an A2 fuji. Fits very well around the waist and shoulders but is very short on me, both the top and pants. Probably not competition legal. I'm thinking it would be perfect for you. Do not get A3. also do not shrink in the dryer. I always hang dry and mine hasn't shrunk yet or very little, I can't afford it to. Other than being a bit small for me (wich I actually prefer for training) it's an awesome gi! Phone Post

Awesome, thanks for the info! Phone Post

You're 119 lbs and think you need an a3 lol I'm 5'9 175 and wear a2 in just about everything Phone Post

Lol no I never said I think I need an A3. I said I don't want to go up to an A3 cause it'll most likely be too big and even if I shrink it, it'll probably still be too big. What was really making me think was that I fall under the 100 - 140 lbs size for A1, but I also fall under the 5'5 - 5'9 size for A2. So that was the part that was confusing me. Going with a fuji A2 though.

Also, that's exactly what is confusing me lol. You're 5'9 175 and wear an A2.. I'm 5'6 120 which is a significant difference

I have a gameness A2 and a fuji A2 and it's a world of difference. Fuji's run real small. My gameness is a little too big even after shrinking. And the fuji is too small without shrinking it. Unless one of the manufacturers messed up labeling as they both say A2, it's just comes down to the brands specs. For the most part they should be in the same ball park though. Phone Post

hang dry is bullshit fren

ask people on forum your size who dry gi what size they bought and how it fit

fuji shrink a lot man

padilla and son shrink a lot too (i like these gis though)

keiko didnt shrink as much for me.

i cant really help, im taller and fatter than you

With your build, I would look to buy from vendors that would allow you to mix and match your top and pants.

Send those companies an email about sizings and whether or not you want to dry your stuff in the dryer and go from there. Phone Post

Thanks for the info! I guess i'll just shoot them an email and go from there. Phone Post

A2 pants with an A1 top might work for you.

You cant go wrong w Killer Bee. Jesse is very responsive via emails and he will gladly let you return his stuff if things dont fit (after working out the sizing w you etc)

Good luck Phone Post

Thank you sir! I was actually looking at killer bee the other day, i'll look into them more when I get back home. Phone Post