Gi suppliers and reputable sites

Starting a bjj club and will offer no gi and gi.

i have always had no issue w/ putting good money down for a gold weave atama or other such quality GIs but i understand starting off that it's pretty expensive.

are places like:

all reputable? have you had good experiences w/ them?

I did take a look at previous posts and have seen w/ my own eyes that the Fuji kimono is actually quite good for the price...

any other such lower priced decent GIs?

any reason why someone couldn't use a Judo kimono? some judo kimonos are running for about 20 bucks less than the fuji jiu jitsu kimono (some even made by fuji).


A judo gi is a much different cut but will work for a beginner. can't really do sleep chokes too well because the sleeves are really big but that's about it. I have never owned one but know several people who love their Padilla and sons gi. there is a smaller company called combat corner that sells a quality gi pretty cheap (especially if you catch a sale...which they do regularly). I have a buddy who wears his double weave fuji to both judo and jiu jitsu and it has held up really well (the collar is a bitch to grab too). I would recommend "liking" different gi companies and distributors on Facebook and keep an eye out for sales. I saw a couple of companies (real kimonos if i remember correctly) that had gis for as low as $35 for black friday. hope this helps.

Low priced starter gi:

Comes with a white belt. In the $40 range wholesale, $70-80 retail.

I sell gis, printed rash guards, and patches.

You can check out what I have done at:

The cut of the gi top is the same as a shoyoroll, the pants are a slightly different cut in rip stop material.

I prefer to wholesale to instructors and owners of small gyms. Contact me through that page if you have any questions, I'll try to help out however I can, even if you don't buy from me. My primary goal is to help guys out in the jiu jitsu community.

thanks man.

i'm running a club that will cater to those who can't really afford a 100 to 200 a month BJJ tuition (I have nothign against this as fair is what the market allows, it's just there has to be options for those who really can't).

I wanted to look into GIs that are inexpensive but not "cheap".

i even have a plan for them to save up for a while and pay half the dues i'm goign to charge twoards a GI.

anyways, any feedback on the suppliers listed?

any I should avoid, and why?

We have wholesale BJJ gis starting at $55 each and the come with 3 full color sublimated gi patched.

scott at on the

I've corresponded with people from the first three of those sites (mostly in relation to reviews they wanted me to do for them) and they all seemed like decent guys (as far as you can tell from a few email conversations), if that helps. Positive experience in each case, though obviously reviewing a gi for somebody is a quite different relationship than buying one. Not had any dealings with the fourth supplier you linked, as far as I can remember.

For cheap but good quality gis, from the ones I've tried I would suggest (and probably worth noting that I bought two of the Padillas and the Gorilla but was sent the Tatami Nova for review):

Padilla & Sons
Tatami (specifically the Tatami Nova)
Gorilla Fight Gear (their all-ripstop gi is excellent and quite cheap, at $89)

I've reviewed those here:

I haven't tried Fuji, but they are frequently recommended so seem to have a great rep. Meerkatsu reviewed one a while ago and was similarly impressed:

thanks guys.

PayItForward - thanks guys.

Fuji all around gi
Fuji double or single weave judo gi
Padilla and sons
Warrior one double weave Phone Post

i have used fighters market several times and had good experiences.

On the Mat - We have wholesale BJJ gis starting at $55 each and the come with 3 full color sublimated gi patched.

scott at on the

Scotty at OTM, as well as their wholesale program is great.

I would highly recommend them.

I have never ordered wholesale but have ordered from both mmaoutlet (2x) and fightersmarket (a bunch of times) and can say they both are very reputable and reliable. Great customer service, large selection, and good prices.

Tatami fightwear makes a really great quality gi for a super decent price. The tatami nova in particular is s great "bang for your buck" option. Phone Post

Buy a fuji from fighters market. Good site, quick ship. Phone Post

thanks guys. i have a lot of info... won't do anythign for some time, just wanted some info to have everythign in place....