Gi videos

I have been grappling no-gi for about 8 years. I recently switched gyms and they only grapple in the gi. Does anyone know any good instructors on YouTube I can watch to get better faster. I go classes regularly but would like to learn more faster.

bro...i hate to be the one to tell you but the gi is dead. the gi is a propaganda machine for gi makers to make money. stick to no gi.

I love no-gi, but my old gym shut down that had nogi. Only gyms around me only have gi bjj..

Maia's 'science of jiu jitsu' is really good

gi's the best

All depends 1hat sort of game you play

If someone named Joe made videos about Gi grappling it could be called GIJoe in dress.

If you've got some experience already, I'd suggest subbing Jason Scully's YouTube channel.

the guy runs through shit pretty quick but it's clear, concise and the techniques work.

has helped me out a lot while making the same transition from no-Gi to Gi.


i think both serve a purpose.

no-Gi will make your attacks and control much tighter because you lack a Gi to grip and HAVE to be tighter for shit to work.

Gi makes your defense better because if you can defend an armbar, triangle, etc. when your opponent DOES have all those handles, defending shit no-Gi is cake.


the two compliment each other.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I will check out Jason Scullys youtube channel!
I know some of the movements and submissions but it's a different world when someone is grabbing your gi and stopping you from moving.