Gilbert Burns WON THAT FIGHT

PERIOD…That is all



I thought burns won but I can see it both ways, I think the forward pressure from chimaev played a part. I think burns def took the second round but the third round both guys had moments.

Chimaev is definitely beatable I think both Colby and usman win handily

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Colby isn’t out wrestling KC and he doesn’t have heavy hands. Colby is the new john fitch.



1-1 heading to the 3rd. I think the 3rd could have gone either way but Khamzat had more octagon control. Very close fight so I wouldn’t complain with any decision.

I think Burns won the fight but it definitely comes down to the third. Burns landed the harder shots in the 3rd even if he was pushed back. Khamzat has a hell of a chin.

Burns hurt Chamzat more. KC came forward more…mostly to take damage. Especially as the fight went on. The crowd agreed They mostly booed Gilbert going in and cheering KC. At the end KC got a lukewarm reaction in victory as Gilbert was cheered. The UFC protecting their new golden boy. Nope. Gilbert won.

Gilbert won 2 and 3

He was landing bomb after bomb in the 3rd round.

UFC invested too much into Khamzat to allow him to lose outside of a title fight.


No, Khamzat 1 and 3.

Gilbert will get a top contender again his next fight. Gilbert vs Masvidal, Colby vs Khamzat, Usman vs Edwards.

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he landed like 5 heavy punches but Khamzat landed like 50 jabs

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