Gilbert Yvel granted NSAC License

 Gilbert "The Hurricane" Yvel was granted a one fight license from the Nevada State Athletic Commission this morning.

If no issues arise from his first fight he will be granted a full license.

Who is he gonna fight?

Sweet....who is he fighting for?

I think UFC took over his contract with Affliction like Buentello and others.

Let's hope they pit him against a wrestler. I want some black on black crime against Kongo but that probably won't happen.

 Yvel vs anyone willing to stand and trade with him... please no wrestlers or anyone that can sub him

Yvel vs Kimbo would be a fucking AWESOME fight for Gilbert

Yvel headkicks Kimbo's head into the front row!

They should have odds in Vegas on whether or not "issues arise".


gilbert in the ufc is great!! 

so many great matchups 

vs kimbo

vs barry

vs kongo II

vs mir 

vs mcully  

Yvel vs Barry, please Joe Silva.

gilbert is going to obliterate and instant gib the entire division

gilbert vs anderson in 2010!

Id love to see the most violent fighter in MMA in the ufc

the winner of hardonk/barry would be a good opponent

K-Dub-"T" -  What a stupid fucking condition. Idiots.

He beat up a referee.

 please tell that story.

Here's the video from the event

Guy has nothing to offer anyone who has half decent wrestling. He was submitted by a 180lb Minowa.

Will make for interested fights against the "right" people. Something tells me that the Fertittas control the NSAC, because Yvel shouldn't be licensed in any state and certainly wouldn't unless he was exciting.

I hope the UFC will pick him up. Maybe he'll KO Herb Dean. Yvel's good for that.

 He doesn't seem to be such a dick anymore, maybe this is a good thing.

He chased some dude around with a knife before or after some PRIDE event too years back...Yvel is a fucking maniac!

K-Dub-"T" -  What a stupid fucking condition. Idiots.

why? the guy is a fucking psycho. he presents a danger to the fight officials and his opponent because he willfully ignores the rules that ensure everyone's safety. i'm frankly surprised they are still letting him fight in the states after seriously hurting a referee and all that eye gouging among other things.