Gina Carano received a " Shadow Ban " from Twitter

Those of you making fun of her content are missing the entire point. Twitter, or any tech firm for that matter, should not be censoring or limiting access to individual accounts just because of their personal beliefs or politics. As long as no physical violence is being urged
, nor over the top vulgar language used, they should not be involved period. This shit should not happen in this country regardless of your politics. Eventually it will happen to someone you agree with. It’s amazing how we are allowing our rights to be eroded away more and more every week. Eventually this country will wake up and realize that we have lost most of the rights that make us truly free and it will be too late to stop the madness. Fuck Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They are too powerful already and no longer even feel the need to hide the shit they are doing


Delete your Twitter. It’s a garbage platform.

And yesterday I got a just plain ban - no shadows involved - from facebook for 7 days for calling the Uyghur Liberation Army terrorists, when they have bombed, among other things, the central train station in Urumqi seven years ago that caused three deaths and 79 injuries.

Your rights to tweet? They’re a private company

Please tell us which one of “our rights” is being infringed upon.

It’s time people actually wake up and realize YOU are the actual product when using social media platforms.