Ginastica Natural

Can anyone post where to get this tape? Thanks.

The tapes are in Portuguese, but here ya go...

I haven't been able to find them anywhere in English, including ebay.

:-) Tracey

Go to for the Advanced English version. The beginner's tape is in portuguese.


I can't find it, is it maybe by phone order only?

Thanks! Tracey

There is also a tape especially for BJJ it is on the brazilian website how can we get it?


I've got some emails out trying to find out that very thing. Anyone interested, email me and I'll be happy to pass along what I find out.

:-) Tracey


Scotty and Prof. Romano (practicing my Portuguese) are exactly who I emailed.

:-) Tracey


I'd be interested in what you find out. I looked into it before but never got anywhere.

- C.

You got it. If this avenue doesn't pan out I'm working on another. I think OTM carrying them would be the best option for all the bjjers interested. Just not really sure if the level of interest would make it worth Scotty's effort to do that. *shrug* I'd be willing to prepay him for it.

:-) Tracey

The Ginastica Natural videos that were made for the U.S. market are no longer available. I tried to get them from Prof. Romano and everyplace in Brazil and the U.S. No specific reason was given. They were filmed at the Machado school in California. Both the Ginastica Natural videos at jiujitsuprogear were pulled from the web site. You may want to call Gilberto at the store (310) 370-0116 and see if he has any left over tapes available.

Im also interested in the bjj-oriented ginastica video, doesnt matter if its in Portuguese. Help! :)

Would also love to get a copy of this...

Prof. Romano is a good guy. He was on my flight to Brazil and was way cool...

Hey all,

Just heard from Gilberto (he is the US distributor for these tapes) he looks to have more tapes by the end of the month. Yeah! They will be available on the website and via phone. :-)


Stewed, Gilberto didn't specify to me in the reply to my email exactly which tapes would be available, only that he would have more of the Ginastica Natural tapes available at the end of this month. I'm hoping the bjj fighter tape is included, I'm just going to keep my eye on the web site.

:-) Tracey

They will probably be the original Beginner's and Advanced tapes. They are the only 2 Gilberto has sold.


Gilberto did say he was working on trying to get the bjj fighter tape as well. Keep your eyes on the website is my best suggestion.