Gis are annoying

they take forever to dry, and my damn gi pants always slide down so im constantly readjusting and retying during class. and the damn "drawstrings" dont tighten up the waistband.

nothing sucks worse than going to class in a damp gi.

Plus, jackasses are always grabbing the goddamn thing. Let go of my pant legs asshole!

Ha! I know one guy who went so far as to grab at the COLLAR of the gi, which caused a sort of strangling effect. "Annoying" is exactly the word I'd use to describe that sort of tomfoolery.

Get a Koral, you can throw itin the dryer and they don't shrink ends the washing and having to wait for it to dry. The rest you are on your own we all have that problem I think.

This guy grabbed both my sleeves and used his feet to hold my arms. He called it spider guard...I called it a good reason to spit in that cheaters face.

My Gameness Pearl dries really quick. I haven't timed it out, but it is very

I hope you guys are joking about the questionable use of the gi.

^we are not sir!^

I assure you, I'm deadly serious. THE GUY GRABBED MY PANTS! I checked to see if the instructor noticed this flagrant disrespect, but he was busy hitting on the capoeira chick from the earlier class. I'm pretty sure it's against the rules, though.

army crawl + damp gi = CRAPPY. that is all

Fool pulled one side of my gi jacket right up out of the belt and wound it around my neck! 

And WTF is up with the self-untying belt? Why even wear a useless strip of stiff cloth if it's just gonna end up on the other end of the mat in a pool of someone else's mansweat?



guys the gi is definaley annyoing and some guys do use it like you saying but I think the best thing do is just ignore it yourself because there is alot of moves you can do withiut a gi like gulitine choke and chinese headlocks and stuff hope this makes sense thanks bob

I like the gi, because I alway pull it over the new guys head and then punch him when he can't see it!!!

^^^ like in hockey? im gonna have to try that.

^you just ruined this thread IMO^