Gi's with free shipping??

Does anyone know of any sites offering free shipping on Gi's? any help would be appreciated

Kagi used to have free shipping.

From what I understand FUJI has a bjj cut gi that you can get free of shipping charges, but I coldnt evactly tell you what site I saw that on. I just ordered a Kagi double weave and got it for about 90 bucks and that includes shipping. It is a really really good gi. You cant go wrong with Kagi.

yeah, that is a good price, 90 bucks pluss shipping...I'll do some searches on Kagi, thanks guys.....
also while I was searching around I found some Gameness single weaves for $87, and a white pearl for $107 with free shipping. But I think I would rather go with a double weave kagi for $90, thank a single weave for $87. Here's the link to those gameness gi's if anyone is interested:

also the platinum Gi's aer $127 with free shipping

It's a sad day when such a legend of the game has lost so much money gambling, that he has to only buy gis with free shipping.

Get 'em in the HALL!

That Kagi double weave is 90 bucks flat. That includes shipping.

yeah, you're right Noose, I think I worded it wrong, I meant to say $90 including shipping is a good price

jiujitsumma, you are the first person to know my screen name, everyone else thinks my first name is charlie, lol

Kaji has free shipping except for Hawaii. :( I know cause i got one. oh well that's what happens when tou live in the middle of the pacific ocean...

that gameness pearl is a real nice gi. next gi i get will proabbly be a
pearl. my friend got one its slick

the pearl is nice.

hey, hd441, are you ordering from the website? or a different site? When I go to order one of there gi's and go threw the checkout process and it says shipping is $15

well they used to have free shipping. The owner posts on the Ky state fourm. I bought mine a while ago and although it said free shipping it wasn't to Hawaii. I understood though its a long frickin way. good luck finding one.

and yes I went through the web site.

thanks for the help hd441....I think I'll either go with the pearl with free shipping for $106.95, or one of the kagi double weaves, the white one is $93 including shipping (which is pretty good too).

good luck dude...keep training.

Hey Charlie,

Buy the Pearl from ko fight sports for $107 and I'll send you a Gameness t-shirt for free. My email is

Just email me letting me know you bought it, give me your address, and I'll have a Gameness t-shirt shipped to you.


sounds good to me....I will email you a copy of my invoice when I buy it Ed.