Give fighters new nicknames here

I would like Gegard "saucy" mousasi 

tim "John f" Kennedy 

I enjoy a good funny nickname, touchy fili has the right idea 

what you got? 


Rory "DEATHSON" McDonald


"FIREFIST": Stipe Miocic legit fit nickname...

...because who knows guy could be new MMA Lineal Earth Heavyweight Beltlord after UFC 198.

So why Stipe "FIREFIST" Miocic? Because I saw in other vids guy's a legit firefighter, which is a superjob &  the dude save guys so it's admirable & honorable & coolable.

Other potentials:

Stipe "CROCOPSON" Miocic

Stipe "FLAMELORD" Miocic

Stipe "STIFFER" Miocic

Thoughta on this UG.



Three thoughts for Cormier:

1. Daniel "INJUFURY" Cormier
2. Daniel "SUFFOCATOR" Cormier
3. Daniel "THE DARKWALKER" Cormier

Thoughts on this UG.


BLOODTIME: The legit fit nickname for JOE LAUZON.

Because he just fights bloody & it's so warrior.

I wanna bestow this to J-Lau now & I can't believe it's taken for me this quite long to acknowledge the guy's legit greatness. I just wanna be on record: Joe Lauzon is BLOODTIME because he isn't just showtime.

So hopefully Mr.Lauzon tells Mr.Buffer, "Bruce, I finally got nickname bro for you to announce... call me BLOODTIME".

If not then CHILLFACE or WARSOUL but whatever the case the guy is legit legendary when all's said & done.

Thoughts on this UG.

NATE DIAZ is BLOODY HOMIE. Thank you, sir...

...for making me look like an ignorant dick & so stupid for so long not recognizing greatness when it's in front of all of us legit MMA fightfans all along.

I already said I bestow Nate BLOODY HOMIE in my "Why do we fall? Se can pick ourselves up." thread but since before I made a thread that I bestow Nick GOLDEN HOMIE, it's my legit obligation to do so for Nate his very won, well-deserved nickname bestowing thread.


Because he has warriorblood, as simple as that. And if you're not down with that, I got 5 words for you: When he bleeds, he succeeds.

Conor McGregor is still my hero but I have a newfound legit respect for Nate. He fought the madman like a madman, fire with fire, fist to fist. And if my hero is humble in defeat, why should I say anything but excuses doesn't exist.

Thoughts on this UG.

NEXTLORD: Who is the ZUFFA HEIR, the secret guy...

...that will carry on Fertita name after Lorenoz & Frank (or Dana White for that matter)?

There's gotta be a guy, Vince McMahon have Shane O' Mac. The next-gen guy who will carry on the torch & continue the company legacy / family business.

A "dynasty", if you may.

So as for Zuffa / UFC, is there legit info out there we legit MMA fightfans can rely about this guy, let's bestow this guy for now "The NEXTLORD", so we can have an idea how will he run the UFC, which is basically the entire sport itself?

Or this NEXTLORD is still in supercollege, say Harvard or MIT, perhaps even still a highschool kid, who knows.


He's already being groomed, like a Jedi or Sith apprentice, he's already within the company but it's kept in secrecy for, of course, classified legit top secret?

IMO since we care & love MMA so much & we're so invested in the sport, this is a legit concern for us all. I mean guys, for all we know this NEXTLORD guy may make rookie mistakes or bring back Dark Ages or something you know!

So as responsible MMA people, we all should investigate & brainstorm, gather infos, links, whatever about this guy, this Zuffa heir, this NEXTLORD.

But plotwist, what if, JUST WHAT IF...

The NEXTLORD is already a UG guy! Imagine the odds! Holy fucking galaxy, what if this guy has been one of us all along you know what I'm saying. Anything's possible, who really knows, I'll wiki & google some things and you guys should to because IMO we really nees to get a good look at the guy, assess the guy, make sure he ain't fool so it's all cool, etc. thanks guys.

Thoughts on this UG.

Quinton "i eat a lot" Jackson
Rashad "retiring soon" Evans
Michael "Crazy Eye" Bisping
Conor "Who the fuck are you?" McGregor
"Dancing feet" TJ Dillishaw

TheMessiah - Quinton "i eat a lot" Jackson
Rashad "retiring soon" Evans
Michael "Crazy Eye" Bisping
Conor "Who the fuck are you?" McGregor
"Dancing feet" TJ Dillishaw

I like crazy eye.own that shit. 

Diego "I'm batshit crazy" Sanchez

Anderson ~ silva

StevetheWeasel - Anderson "SEPHIROTH" Silva.

Love it

Nick "The Rusty" Ring...


Anything is better than The Promise.

Chael "The Apprentice" Sonnen
Ronda "On A Honda" Rousey
Brock "No Blood" Lesnar

Mma playwright just stop, you suck at coming up with cool nicknames.

Nick Diaz "Nuts. HA! got eeeem"

-Sara "Chicken Mcnuggets with a large side of" McMann.
-BJ "Epi" Penn
-Denis "Wide Re" Siver
-Miesha "Haters gonna hate potatoes gonna pot" Tate
-Ronda "These xannies got me juh" Rousey

MMA playwright is horrible. Gayest nickenames ever.

Bj Penn ".com"
Luke "make you cuckold" Rockhold
Cheick "Foating Teeth In The Night" Kongo
Yoel "Subtitle" Romero
Tj "Girl Nextdoor" Dillashaw
Meisha "Right In The" Tate

George Saint Pierre