Give Me Your Questions for a New Mailbag Piece

Starting a new mailbag column this week forum folks. Hit me with whatever questions you’d like to see me pontificate on. Whatever you want under the combat sports sun. UFC and 261 talk. Bellator and the grand prix. ONE Championship’s run on TNT. PFL season 3. Boxing, Slap fighting, WHATEVER. Leave em in the comments to possibly be included in the article.

Also, if you want to drop some opinions on the fight game WITH your question, I will feature a forum opinion of the week. But keep it somewhat brief.




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I am serious, but nobody cares:

Are knife hand strikes to the side of the neck allowed, and has one been used in the cage?

It is a legit KO strike.


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Check out the sites main page, you might notice me there lol.

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Will we ever see another women in the UFC reach Ronda-level fame?


What does pee taste like?

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What’s the biggest fight of 2021 hype-wise? As well as technique/skill wise?

Hype Conor/Poirier 2 or 3? Ngannou HW title? Izzy vs Jan? Other?

Skill Conor/Poirier? McKee/Freire? Zhang/Namajunas? Other?

Have you ever been a subscriber of the Pro Wrestling Observer?

BKB vs MMA comparison of both concussion and injury rates

Why are finger locks still not allowed?

  1. In the era of acceptance, why are little to no
    male pro mma fighters openly gay?

  2. Who the fuck are you, seriously


Do you think there are any gay male fighters? If there are I would assume it would be a very small percentage versus the women where almost everyone is.

  • On a SideNote: Seriously, who the hell is J Burgos?
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Yes I think there are plenty of gay male pro fighters, almost all closeted to the public.

Who TF is OP?!

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I’d like to see a detailed analysis of the method / speed of finishes/ volume of strikes plotted against increased pay over time. Is there a direct correlation? Should there be?

Also- please confirm whether or not it is pee and report back.

I heard it’s elias’s little brother.


Exactly this lol

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