Giving up JIU JITSU !!!!

I often think about the time I have invested into BJJ/Grappling and wonder and ponder the thought what else could have I done.

My list is such:

Learn to play the acoustic guitar.

Learn to play the piano.

Get more secondary education/attend evening classes.

Have saved a whack of money.

Probably would have met/married wife earlier.

Been training in triathlons/marathons.

But then I wouldn't have met the people and experienced all that I have.



Drank alot more.

I will add to your list:

learned a fourth or fifth language

become a chess expert if not master

saved a shitload of money

and last but not least:

nailed a few many more broads instead of hanging out with sweaty desperate guys. (Damn)

But that was and still is worth it IMO.

I might have worked on my singing and guitaring playing more:

Seriously though another language would be an asset as well for career options, Spanish, Arabic, Sign Language.

But really I think to myself that learning to play acoustic guitar would have been cool, that way I could pick it up and play when ever and where ever and maybe teach my future kids.

My wife plays piano and I only wish I had that skill, as she just goofs around and its sounds awesome, and I think at any moment I could snap someone's arm/leg or put them to sleep.

attract womens


naw, who am I kidding...

drank a lot

got very fat

had far fewer friends - would never have met Canario, Dougie, Wiley,
Fateh, Esfiha, HTM, Little One...the list goes on and on.

died by now and left a lot more money to family.


couple more to add...

Watched every episode of the Sopranos from series one on.

Learned to juggle


Pimped out your myspace profile.

I would probably still be training karate (5th Dan by now) or would be training judo. Either way, I'd still be a martial artist, so I don't regret at all the time I've spent on Jiu-jitsu.

"But really I think to myself that learning to play acoustic guitar would have been cool, that way I could pick it up and play when ever and where ever and maybe teach my future kids. "

Unles you're 90 and dieing there's still time

Guitar rocks

But to get real good I would have to practice a lot, get lessons and possibly really have to quit jiu jitsu.


What would you have done, if you could have taken back all that time?

Don't get me wrong I ain't quitting and I would rather have done nothing else with my time, I just ponder the thought sometimes.

Not necessarily the great thing about guitar is you can practice all the neseccary repetitve drills anf fingering ( lol fingering) with it sitting on your lap while watching TV.

Can't do that with a piano.

Of course my guitar playing is waaaayy better than my Jiu Jitsu so I am biased

I play guitar for a year and a half. sometimes i take my guitar to the gym! Here is a video that i put on youtube playing ...don't mind the BS style....

I saved a bunch of money on Geico.

What I would have done had I not taken up BJJ?

Gotten fat(er)
Gotten drunk(er)
Gotten lazy(er)
Gotten beaten up (more often)

All of which would have drastically diminished my quality and enjoyment of life, and would have made my wife even more out of my league than she already is.

So basically, BJJ has been good to me.

fuck I have no idea where I'd be if I didnt have BJJ. I was really depressed in my early teens and in a huge rut. Bjj and deathmetal were the 2 main things that brought me out of it.

Porn star for sure :?)

Still be married.... But hey I wouldn't have met so many people and so many hot chicks in Brazil.

if i didnt train i wouldnt have met my wife...

If I didn't train I wouldn't be so excited to watch Joslin fight this Wednesday.