Gladiator Challenge July 1st?

How many of these fights are really going down?

Urijah Faber vs Naoya Uematsu

James Fanshier vs Brian Warren

Bo Cantrell vs Victor Vincelette [1-2]

Jamie Jara vs Dustin Arden [Arden's been training with Tito Ortiz]

Scott Smith vs Newton [could be Jeff, might be Emmanuel]

Kyacy Uscola vs Andy Maccarone

Richard Montoya vs Anthony Ruiz


Excepting the Cantrell mismatch, this looks like a solid card ... but, are all these fights truly happening?


Cantrell is supposed to fight Eli Joslin from TUF.
Scott Smith will not be fighting.
James Fanshier is fighting Steve Renaud.
Jara/Arden is set, as is Uriahs, the rest I am not sure.

Where is this one?

"Where is this one? "

Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, CA.

Thank you, that flyer didn't load at work.

I thought Worsham retired again.

I believe worsham has retired three or four times

Sounds like Smith is out.