Gladiators Kingston: Protein Deal

Hey guys, I hope your having a great december, and training is going well. Sorry I havent been there to be a body bag for you guys, ITs a busy time I guess. Ok I can you guys AVID protein bars. There is a Caramel almond roll that has 24g of protein, 7g fat, 22g carbs. with 240 cal. There is another one that tastes better I think that has 20g protein and similar numbers for fat and carbs, with 300cal in it. Now the deal I can get you is 96 bars (one crate which is 8 boxes of 12 bars) for 58$.

Thats 96 bars for 58$. Not too shabby. Thats 2304g of protein for 58$(caramel). Thats only 60 cents a bar. So if you want some and there is some left (which im sure there will be) for when i come back on january 5th, wednesday, Get your bills out, and ill hook you up. I need the bills before you get the bars. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.
Cheers, happy holidays



I e-mailed you Shane.

You sound like a friggen drug pusher...."psst....Hey, wanna buy some protien bars?" LOL!!



"Fucking Right Doggy that's a good price!!

"Man I'll buy a case

Jesus how am I ever gonna make 145pds again?? Who new egg nog, apple pie and fruit cake would make me such a bloated pig,

I gotta drop some pounds before Feb 19th

I'll call you Shane

Greg Compton

ill get you a case if i can, they are going fast right now. But if you want greg you can come to bellevegas and get it. I wont be in ktown to grapple until the 15th. But i will hook you up if i can. He might also be getting more crates in. Call me or something. Just let me know bro


What store in Belleville?? Got an address or phone# for them??

ttyl, Greg

The store is called body systems, and its located on North Front (the main strip) across MAcdonalds. At the top of the hill, you can see it when you turn off the 543A exit. This place has awesome deals on some good stuff, stuff he may not even be allowed to have. But its solid and good priced.

you should check it you greg they got some good stuff, just the dude that works there is a business man, he says everything is good but most of it is. Plus he makes protein shakes there for you and can add glutamine and creatine to it if you want. They taste fucking awesome

Hit me back greg, see you guys in the new year.

Hey, have any of you guys recorded the UFC new year eve special, and or the PRide, i would love to grab that from one of you. Hey greg ill give you back your two tapes that i have had for way too long

hit me back

Any of you guys going to watch the UFC reality show? it starts Monday january 17th, at 10pm

Shane come to class damnitt!!

Yeah i got some stuff fro you, would love my tapes, I'll try to head to Bellevilee Thurs or Fri Im working midnights and training like crazxy right now, sleep is a forgotten luxury

ttyl. Greg

I should be coming back the 19th or whatever day wednesday is on. I know you want me there, it must feel good for you to take out a 245pds with your bare hands. My arent we the man!!!! If you dont got my number greg ill email it to you, for thursday or friday, im going to toronto to a raptors game on friday so i wont be around after like 3pm