Glendale Az MMA

My sister lives in Glendale and is looking for a good school to put her daughter, my niece, in. My niece is high school age... Any help would be appreciated... My sister asked about a place with Robert Biggs?

*no pics of niece but will post pics of sister if that would help.. Ha Phone Post 3.0

Glendale is big, but the lab is around arrowhead, siege is a little south off of northern and 101 if she's closer north, grace fighting system runs a good program also. Phone Post

Thanks I will tell her! Phone Post 3.0

Also look into TnT mma. Scott is a black belt under rigan machado.

Robert Biggs lists his profile on his site as being a BJJ purple but recently has been telling people he is a blue belt. If I remember correctly he competed as a blue in the Gi at a recent NAGA in Phoenix and did quite poorly.

I remember him distinctly because he pulled a "Schaub" on me a couple of years ago at a different NAGA Phoenix event in the expert NoGi division. I chased him out of bounds repeatedly butt-scooting at him and when he still wouldn't engage, offered him side control and chased him across the ring and out of bounds flopping sideways like a fish at him offering him side control simply to engage.

As he was the only person in my division, I was just hoping to get to roll rather than to pay NAGA for a DQ walk-on gold. I resorted to verbally asking him if he wanted side control, mount, or back (mid-match with clock running) and his response was "I don't want to get subbed".

It was quite the odd scene. So, I'd have to say I wouldn't send anyone over to train with him.

I gave the TNT info as well as the others, thanks again guys! Phone Post 3.0