Glenoid Labrum Tear (Shoulder)

Anyone on here ever have a Glenoid Labrum Tear? According to my Dr I have one and I'm pretty sure I'll need surgery.

What should I expect?

I was out from April '04 til January '05 with a full labrum tear as well as a bicep tendon tear from the shoulder and a load up of elbow osteophytes.  Surgery to fix the combo of the three is what kept me out for so long.  However, if it's just a labrum tear, you'll be training again in 8 to 12 weeks (lightly) if all goes well. 

Be Well! 

I had a labrum tear that I lived and trained with for 5 years. Finally got it fixed last year, and it took about 10 months before I could train 100%.

Rehab, rehab, rehab. Whatever they tell you to do, DO IT! Had my surgery 4 years ago, didn't rehab properly, and it hurts constantly now, especially after rolling.

I had that surgery after the Olympics. With labrum surgery there are no guarantees. My shoulder still hurts and its not the same. Okay, to be honest with you - it sux. :-/ If I had to do it all over again. I wouldn't have gotten the surgery.

Please direct yourself to this post that I made some months ago. It might have some useful information for you. I had the exact same tear years ago.

labrums do not heal without surgery. physical therapy will strengthen compensatory muscles to allow you to function...if you're a gardener. if you're an athlete, you'll need something more.

if you let your doctor convince you not to do surgery, that tear will always be there, and will never heal. the recovery you get from PT will not let you compete seriously.

My surgery was great. Doesn't have full ROM, but it doesn't hurt.

I wasn't back on the mat till about 5 months out though, lightly.

My labrum was pretty much torn completely off though, so...

Worked well. No complaints. It doesn't keep me from doing anything.

good stuff. I want to get back to rolling badly. I haven't been able to spar or roll even lightly for over a year. Other things I can't do are jump rope, jog or sprint.

Appearantly my Orthopedic sugeon is well versed in shoulder injuries so I guess that's a plus.

Another thing. Did you guys have constant pain in your shoulders or was it a sporadic thing? I always feel the weakness in it, but it doesn't aways hurt. It usually takes an awkward movement of my arm and then I usually hear a pop and grinding/clicking sound and then a bunch of centralized pain. Did anyone have this same thing?

I trained with a full tear for 1 year up to and during ADCC 1999. I had surgery as soon as I got back to Australia. Surgery was with a well known, well respectred surgeon (Julian Fellows, has contracts with many professionsal sports teams in Melbourne) this is key.
Rehab was zero movement for 8 weeks, he actually wanted scar tissue to build and stablity to be total before working it. Then it was a good 6-8 months of little work. After that my "bad shoulder" became my "good shoulder" Today I have no pain, a tiny loss of movement and total stablity. Get a few names of good surgeons and see what they say, how many times have they done the surgery, what were their patients recovery like, etc.

Good luck


Agreed that there are two very important factors as mentioned above: 

1.  Rehab like your life depends on it.  It's the most important thing to functioning well again.

2.  Get a surgeon you trust and who is respected.  I was lucky enough to have the Chief Surgeon for the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies do my work.  He's a shoulder expert.  I have 98% perfect ROM back and virtually no pain.


This thread has brought out the apparent however.  And that is, a labrum tear is the sign of a Champion as this happens to a lot of tough guys :)     

Yeah, I agree with Tooler. My bad shoulder is my good shoulder now (even if I do tap to the Kimura a little faster...)

Yes, it hurts.

labrum does not always hurt. labrum is the socket that holds shoulder in place. torn labrum aloows shoulder to slide around.

I had surgery for a labrum tear 2 years ago. I was back training 6 months later but my shoulder started to hurt again. The pain was and is about the same as pre surgery. I am a little nervous about rescopeing because it didn't work the first time. I am gonna try prolotherapy and think about living with it because I still have most strength and flexibility. It just hurts.

I tore mine in iraq got stayed there 4 more months cam home and got my surgery last july feels great not a 100% of what it was originally was alot better then how if felt befor surgery

Any of you use any glucosamine supplements like GLC 2000 after the surgery?

Yeah, but I use them in general. Since the labrum isn't cartilage, I don't think, I don't know how or if glucosamine helps it.

I had most of my cartlilage removed during surgery. I like salmon oil personally