Glory 22 up on youtube

Being as amazing as it is, Glory puts up all of their fights for free on YT not too long after the events.

do yourself a favor and watch Sittichai's debut on the promotion - - as well as the whole pivotal LW tournament, HW champion Rico Verhoeven putting together a nice performance and some sick KOs.

I watched it live but didn't really catch what was going on. now rewatching Sittichai vs. Kiria I'm in awe with Sittichai's performance. he almost toyed with the former champion.

nice straight punches, counter knees, relentless round kicks, blocking every Kiria strike, ducking under punches, smart counter punching, he had it all.

the sequence with the KO is magic striking. massive front kick, jab feint to open up the body, then straight left to the body and liver knee KO. how often do you see that?